April 2020 — Camping Tent Sauna

Yana Kulakowa April 24, 2020
New review of MORZH tent sauna and INTENT stove. Canada.
That's the review of MORZH sauna we've just got from Canada. Scott Lamont is a blogger who makes various videos on his YouTube channel, where you can see what active lifestyle he has. His channel is called Drenalin Adventure, and you can find a lot of useful tips there if you are...

Anastasia Chelysheva April 24, 2020
Dear friends, As you know, we offer PayPal payment system. It is very simple and convenient.  But if you have problems regarding to the PayPal website transition or if you face with any other difficulties, you do not have to worry. All you have to do is contact us...

Mike Morzh April 16, 2020
It's new video with FAQ about tent sauna
Some people mistakenly believe that there are no nuances in the installation and use of MORZH tent. And in fact, MORZH has a simplified design, which makes it easy to assemble and use for its intended purpose. But for the truly comfortable rest, you need to know some things and this...

Yana Kulakowa April 16, 2020
A mobile tent sauna MORZH has reached Japan!
Japanese blogger Shingo Fujimori purchased a mobile tent sauna MORZH and decided to test it in action. Shingo shared his impressions of his bathing experience in his video on YouTube. Shingo said, "When I went into the tent, it was about 80 degrees. It was pretty hot inside. Amazing!"...

Mike Morzh April 1, 2020
We changed the MORZH prices
Today we have changed the prices for the tent saunas MORZH.  We divided the sets to you. Now you can choice the stove what you want with the tent.  Besides, some tents became cheaper.  Morzh tents Prices here