Many people want to see the untouched beauty of the nature, but not everyone is ready to endure the difficulties associated with the ascetic life of a tourist. However, there is a solution in which urban comfort organically fits into the format of wild outdoor recreation. Glamping (camping + glamorous) is a new type of camping, combining the comfort of a hotel and the romance of the wild nature. There is always electricity, a comfortable shower and toilet. Guests get quality service and organized leisure so that they do not have to get bored. At the same time, all buildings are organically integrated into the natural landscape. Glamping makes it possible for a person who has never taken a hiking backpack in his life to become closer to nature and relax in comfort.

Glampings have several distinctive features:

Remoteness from civilization. Usually, glamping is located in beautiful and inaccessible place where it is impossible to build a hotel. Often you can get to glamping only by specially prepared jeeps, snowmobiles and helicopters. Eco-friendly interior and food. In glampings, people try to keep nature as untouched as possible, and use interior items made of natural materials. The design component in this format of leisure also plays a significant role. Thoughtful leisure! Organizers offer a range of great adventure activities. Camping is a democratic option for more independent tourists. Campers cook and set up tents by themselves. The life of camps is much more ascetic and is up to you. You take all things for comfort with you. You need to have your own equipment and a car. Leisure activities also are up to you. And glamping guests do not need to think about how they will spend time and what they will eat. They should just take their bag. Everything has already been planned for them, and the food will be beautiful and delicious. Usually, in glamping there is a restaurant with local dishes.

What types of glamping can be?

The most important condition for outdoor recreation to be called glamping, and not ordinary camping is, as you already understood, comfort. In order for life in nature to fit the definition of “glamping,” there must be electricity, a shower and a toilet, as well as round-the-clock service and other products that you will find more likely in a good hotel than in a hike. And then the imagination of the organizers of glamping is not restricted. Nowadays, travelers can relax in:

1. Safari tents. They are cool in hot weather and cozy in a windy period.


2. Tree houses.

3. Stylized bungalows and wigwams.

4. Dome shelter. You can see the starry sky.

5. Capsule rooms. They are usually located on the top of the mountains or on the seashore.

Is glamping passive?

Everything will be the way you want. Any glamping has a list of cool activities so that guests do not get bored. But if you want silence and privacy - then glamping is also a great option. But do not expect fun acquaintances, as in campsites or at festivals. Glamping is for lovers of peace and comfort, you can not interfere in personal space.

It is expensive?

Glamping is not a budget option for the weekend and cannot be. All because of its capabilities. Comfort costs money. You can call it a luxury, but not in the usual interpretation. Such luxury means that people are in a wild beautiful place and at the same time they have high quality comfort.

Are there any ways to save some money?

The main season for glampings is summer. Prices may be lower at the very beginning and at the end of the season. Glampings also have different prices per night on weekdays and weekends. Glamping is more expensive on weekends. In any case, everyone can choose a suitable version of glamping and try it. It's worth it.

Sauna as part of glamping.

This is a great family and friendly vacation after the exhausting rhythms of a big city. An active lifestyle comes into fashion. But it’s impossible to suddenly take a backpack and go somewhere, rejecting all the usual conveniences. Glamping is the ideal option for active tourism. Glamorous camping is a camping with comfort. Comfort also includes saunas. If you are a fan of a hot sauna, then how can you do without a mobile tent sauna? On our website there is a wide range of tent saunas. All you need is to choose the model that you liked. Make real glamping for yourself!