Winter tents

Heated Winter Tents with Several Layers

We have winter tents with one, two or even three layers. They are made of Oxford material with 3 meters of water resistance. Thanks to an air gap, warmth stays longer inside the tent.

Special Stove Included

Our winter tent set contains a special furnace which is safe for tents. Due to the spark-arrester you don't need to worry about burning the tent. The furnace is made of stainless steel and it is fairly light. It is portable as well; the chimney segments are stored inside the heater. It weighs 13 kg (29 lbs.). There are special ventilation windows provided for air access. You do not need to worry about the carbon monoxide - the chimney segments are tightly fitted to each other.

Eternal Frame

The frame is made of an aviation alloy. It is extremely durable and reliable. Our heated tents are designed so you can assemble them by yourself in 15-20 minutes.

Four-Season Tents

You can use these tents throughout the year. In summer, this tent can easily be used as a camping tent or as a camping sauna. When it is cold outside the furnace will keep you warm. In our winter tents, you can camp in extremely cold temperatures.

You can see how winter tents differ from each other by this link.