Best backpacking tent 2020-2021

A backpacking tent is one of the main equipment of every hiker and just of those who like to relax in nature. The comfort of overnight stays and the brightness of those impressions that you will retain after the hike depend on it 85%. The tourist equipment market offers a wide range of models and it can be difficult to make a choice. In this article, we point out what to look for when choosing a tent, and provide a list of the best backpacking tents in our opinion.

There are many aspects to consider when choosing the best option. The design of the tent determines where and under what conditions it can be used. Wind resistance, weight, adaptability to specific weather situations are important properties of a tent.

Basic requirements that a tent must meet:

  • Optimal balance of weight, capacity and size. You also need to take into account the peculiarities of travel;
  • Protection from precipitation and insects;
  • Maintaining a comfortable microclimate;
  • Availability of accessories to accommodate everything you need;
  • Easy setup of the tent, reliable materials, convenient use in the field.

What does a modern backpacking tent generally consist of? In general, the components of any modern tent are about the same.


One of the most important elements when choosing a tourist tent is its frame poles, depending on the type of structure. The frame is the most important part of the tent, its structural basis, which provides the shape of the tent and the comfort of the one who is inside. The components of the frame are usually made of fiberglass, fiberglass reinforced with wire, aluminum. Steel materials are rarely used because of heavy weight of the structures, despite its high strength and elasticity. Fiberglass materials do not have permanent deformation, they are very light and strong enough, but still significantly inferior to aluminum materials. Aluminum alloys are more popular and durable, manufacturers select such a balance of components that they do not deform even after 3-5 years of intensive use. The requirements applied to the tent frame are strength and lightness. The frame must withstand various loads on it. You also need to take into account its durability, features of connecting arcs, cost.

Tent fabric

The tent material must meet some requirements. First of all, the fabric should be lightweight. Tourists walk a lot, so they prefer not to burden their luggage. Secondly, compact size. When folded, tent awning should fit in a backpack. Thirdly, the material must be resistant to multiple folds and other mechanical stress. Fourth, Fourth, tourists often get caught in the rain. The fabric should be moisture-repellent and provide a protective cover against getting wet. Strength, dirt resistance and ease of care and a long service life are also among the requirements.

We provide a list of the most popular materials for backpacking tents:

  1. Natural fabrics. Usually a tent is rarely made of 100% natural fabrics. They are the most environmentally friendly and safe, but they do not have sufficient moisture resistance, this is a very big disadvantage. Material such as tarpaulin or Teflon-coated cotton can be distinguished.
  2. Synthetic fabrics. Of the many chemical fibers, two are commonly used to make tent fabrics: polyester (Poly Taffeta, lavsan, etc) and polyamide (Nylon, Nylon Taffeta). Polyester fabrics have a high level of protection from the sun's radiation, do not lose their shape when wet and are distinguished by wear resistance and durability. Polyamide fabrics also have strength and lightness, but they can stretch when wet.

After mentioning the main points when choosing a tent, we provide an overview of backpacking tents. We have compiled a list that may be of interest to you.

1. Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL 3

Big Agnes is an American camping equipment manufacturer. They are famous for their ultra-lightweight tents with a memorable design, which have won many prestigious awards. Big Agnes manufacturers always strive to make the tent as light as possible, but not at the expense of its comfort.

Copper Spur HV UL3 - ultralight 3-season hiking and mountaineering tent. It is a worldwide hit and standard for ultra-lightweight frame tents. Improved fabric - siliconized nylon with multi-density yarns and double ripstop treatment. From the inside, the fabric is covered with polyurethane for the possibility of gluing seams. The result is an ultra-lightweight, moisture-resistant fabric that can withstand aggressive ultraviolet light. You get improved ventilation compared to earlier versions, large internal space, pockets, wide convenient entrance.


Trail Weight: 3lb 7oz / 1.56kg

Packed Weight: 3lb 14oz / 1.76kg

Fast Fly Weight: 2lb 12oz / 1.25kg

Packed Size: 4.5" x 20" / 11 x 51cm

Floor Area: 41 sq ft / 3.8 m²

Head Height: 43" / 110cm

Vestibule Area: 9 / 9 sq ft / 0.8 / 0.8 m²

Footprint Weight: 8oz / 227g

Number of Seasons: 3

Number of Doors: 2

Trail Weight: 3lb 8oz / 1.59kg

Packed Weight: 3lb 14oz / 1.76kg

Fast Fly Weight: 2lb 13oz / 1.28kg

Packed Size: 21" x 6" / 53 x 15cm

Floor Area: 41 ft² / 3.8 m²

Head Height: 43" / 110 cm

Approximate price: $499.95

2. MSR Hubba Hubba NX

MSR is one of the world's most respected outdoor equipment manufacturers with over 45 years of history. All of their developments are distinguished by innovation, thoughtful design with great attention to detail and very careful selection of materials. A prime example of this approach to gear manufacturing is the MSR Hubba range of tents.

The Hubba Hubba NX is an ultra-light 2 person tent. Due to the one-piece structure of the frame, it is possible to achieve good wind resistance indicators in combination with a spacious interior space. Also, this design is very easy to assemble. The thin siliconized nylon fabric awning provides excellent rain protection while keeping the tent very light. An excellent choice for travel where light weight is very important. The StayDryTM entrance keeps moisture out of the tent, bottom has a polyurethane treatment for better water resistance. Inner tent has large mesh inserts for excellent ventilation.


Sleeping Capacity: 2-person

Number of Seasons: 3

Minimum Trail Weight: 3 lbs. 8 oz.

Packaged Weight: 3 lbs. 14 oz.

Packed Size: 6 x 18 inches

Floor Dimensions: 84 x 50 inches

Floor Area: 29 square feet

Vestibule Area: 8.75 + 8.75 square feet

Peak Height: 39 inches

Number of Doors: 2 doors

Number of Poles: 1

Canopy Fabric: 20-denier ripstop nylon/15-denier nylon mesh

Floor Fabric: 30-denier ripstop nylon with 3000mm Xtreme Shield polyurethane coating

Rainfly Fabric: 20-denier ripstop nylon with 1200mm Xtreme Shield polyurethane/silicone coating.

Approximate price: $780.00

3. Hilleberg Anjan 3

Anjan is one of the lightest 3 season tents available. They appeared in 2013, but have already managed to establish themselves as surprisingly reliable and durable mobile shelters for their weight. With Anjan's help, Hilleberg proved that they can make very light tents without compromising on their own principles.For the combination of really low weight and relatively high strength, Anjan tents will be appreciated by all tourists who prefer to travel their routes light. They are also suitable for all outdoor enthusiasts who value mobility and speed of movement.

Hilleberg Anjan 3 is designed to provide maximum area and optimal weight-to-volume ratio. It has enough space for three people and their equipment. Kerlon 1000 material and 9mm arcs are designed for exceptional strength and stability of the tent.


Packed Size: 7 x 19 in / 18 x 48 cm

Weight Range: 4 - 4.9 lb

Sleep Capacity: 3-Person

Floor Material: 50D Nylon, Double Coated PU 5000mm

Rain Fly Material: Kerlon 1000 20D Ripstop Nylon

Max Length: 87 in

Max Width: 63 in

Internal Height: 42 in

Seasonal/Temperature Use: 3 Season

Vestibule Area: 15.1 sq ft / 1.4 sq m

Floor Area: 36.6 sq ft / 3.4 sq m

Doors: 1

Approximate price: $780

4. Helsport Fonnfjell Pro 2

Fonnfjell Pro 2 is a spacious four-season tent of an original design for lovers of comfortable overnight stays during hiking, mountain, cycling and water trips. It can also be used for skiing trips. Perfect for those for whom the comfort of overnight and the ability to observe nature is more important than saving weight. Withstands strong wind and rain, as well as snow.


Sleep Capacity: 2

Measurement Inner Liner (LxWxH): 130 x 240 x 105 cm

Outer dimensions (LxWxH): 230 x 280 x 115 cm

Material: Helsport Rainguard® Pro

Vestibules: 1

Entrances: 3

Max weight: 2,75 kg

Approximate price: $573.00

5. Vaude Hogan UL 2P

Vaude designs their products to be eco friendly. They continue to improve and have set themselves the goal of gradually transforming all products so that they are manufactured to the highest environmental standards.

Vaude Hogan UL 2P is a backpacking two-person tent for light hiking. It will allow you to move with ease. Has 1 entrance, 1 vestibule and 1 room. There are ventilation windows and internal storage pockets. The tent and bottom are made of nylon, the inner tent is made of polyester. The frame is made of durable aluminum alloy in a non-standard shape. The water resistance of the tent is 3000-10000 mm h.c. The kit includes a mosquito net that will make your stay in nature as comfortable as possible.Quality, water resistance, pleasant appearance are provided.


Number of people: 2 persons

Pack Size: 56 x 15 cm

Tent footprint: 4,1 m²

Inner tent footprint: 2,6 m²

Total Weight: 1860,00 g

Material Outer Tent: 100% Polyamide 40 D Ripstop both sides Silicone coated 3.000 mm

Material Inner Tent: 100% Polyester 30 D Ripstop

Approximate price: $572.22

6. Talberg Boyard 2 Pro

Talberg is a German trade mark that started its work in 1996. They produce all kinds of equipment for lovers of an active lifestyle. Their products quickly became popular due to the high quality of materials, ease of use, and affordable prices.

The all-season two-person tent has mosquito nets and a windproof skirt. You can go inside from both sides, which makes it easier to find a suitable place. Inside side pockets and a small top shelf are provided to accommodate small items. The model is distinguished by increased water resistance of 5000 mm h.c. at the walls and 7000 for the bottom, so using is possible even during heavy rain.


Number of people: 2

Frame: aluminum

Awning material: polyester

Bottom Material: polyester

Weight: 3.1 kg

Outer dimensions: 290x220x120 cm

Inner dimensions: 150x210x115 cm

7. Husky Flame 2

It is a Czech brand that aims to convey the folk traditions of outdoor recreation. They are based on maximum comfort. Therefore, all ranges of tents are equipped with special accessories for storing things, windproof skirts, nets and other little things.

Husky Flame 2 is suitable for long hikes and climbing snowy mountain peaks. 3 aluminum poles are carefully designed for installation, create good tension. Combined with a streamlined body, this design provides high resistance to strong wind gusts. Thanks to the ventilation window, you can cook food inside without fear of the accumulation of unwanted odors.


Dimensions: 145 × 295 × 110 cm

Dimensions of package: 48 × 20 cm

Weight minimal/total: 2,8 kg / 3,1 kg

Outer tent: 210T Polyester RipStop, PU coating 6000 mm/cm2, taped seams

Inner tent: breathable Nylon 190T + mesh mosquito net

Floor: 190T Polyester, PU coating 10000 mm/cm2, taped seams

Bearing poles: duralumin poles with ø 8,5 cm

Approximate price: $198

8. Alexika Bicycle tent TREK 2

An American company with an inspiring history that produces its own collections. Today, all products combine high reliability with a minimalist, functional design.

Alexika Bicycle tent TREK 2 specially designed for such travel, when the volume and weight of the luggage are of great importance. The main purpose of tent construction is to reduce weight. The tent has 2 entrances, a ventilation system, a mosquito net, a compartment for small things. Fire resistant coating.


Dimensions: 250 x 155 x 105 cm

Packed dimensions: 50 x 16 cm

Persons: 2

Material outer tent: Polyester 190T PU 4000 mm H2O

Material inner tent: Polyester RipStop Light

Material tent ground: Polyester 150 D Oxford PU 6000 mm H2O

Material tent poles: ALU 8.5 mm

Weight: 3.200

Approximate price: $213,45

9. Canadian Camper VISTA 3 Al

Canadian Camper is one of the leading manufacturers of equipment for tourism and outdoor activities. The assortment of the company includes the whole range of elements of hiking equipment necessary for any traveler. All Canadian Camper tents have a frame base and are very easy and quick to assemble. Typically, a Canadian Camper tent consists of one or two bedrooms and a vestibule that either adjoins the rooms or separates them. The colors of textiles allow you not to stand out against the background of nature.

Canadian Camper VISTA is a tourist tent with a maximum sleeping compartment and a vestibule. The model with aluminum arcs and a third additional arc has a streamlined shape, successfully withstands the wind. Tent material - polyester with fireproof impregnation.


Number of people: 3

Number of layers: 2

Outer size: 340x205x120 cm

Inner size: 260x200x115 cm

Outer material: Polyester (75D 190T PU)

Floor material: Polyester (75D 190T PU)

Inner tent material: Polyester (breathable)

Frame: aluminum

Weight: 2.7 kg

Approximate price: $213,45

10. Indiana Tramp 3

The spacious Indiana Tramp 3 tent is a great choice for travel or outdoor activities with family and friends. A simple design device will allow you to quickly and easily install this model, and strong arches of the frame guarantee a long service life. Light weight - 4.5 kg. will not make Tramp 3 a burden when hiking.

The spacious vestibule of the tent will allow you to place all things and equipment inside to protect them from possible bad weather, as well as place a camp kitchen in it. Several windows and a breathable awning material provide good ventilation and fresh air. The inner tent can comfortably accommodate 3 people.


Number of rooms: 1

Tambour: 1

Dimensions: 3.25 x 2.25 x 1.3m

Number of people: 3

Awning water resistance: 4000 mm

Bottom water resistance: 10000 mm

Arc material: Fiberglass

Number of inputs: 2

Weight: 4.5kg