The opinion of doctors is divided into 2 categories: some advise to take immunomodulators, others - to lead a healthy lifestyle and go to the sauna.

Everyone chooses the option he needs. But we will tell you about the real benefits of the sauna on the human body.

Steam therapy is a great way to support your immune system. The combination of humid and hot air works wonders. After the sauna, the body seems to be reviving!

Body tempering

To strengthen the immune system in the bath, it is necessary to follow the cycles: steaming and rest, or steaming - rest - cooling.

As a result, the body is tempered and all body systems are activated.

It is important to gradually increase the time spent in the steam room and monitor your health.

Removing toxins and improving metabolism

In the sauna, active sweating occurs - this is an important process for metabolism. Blood circulation improves, the skin is cleansed.

Sweat removes toxins, which prevents toxic load, skin diseases, digestive problems, headaches, etc.

Reduced stress

Sauna procedures calm the nerves, your body and soul. Massage with brooms in the steam room relaxes the muscles, relieves tension.

Gymnastics for the cardiovascular system

With the alternation of high and low temperatures, the heart rate increases and slows down. This is comparable to working out in the gym and running.

Thus, sauna procedures are also the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Treatment and prevention of colds

Heat therapy helps with colds. The wet steam promotes inhalation and cleansing of the respiratory system.

The sauna cannot be visited if:

-Body temperature above 37С.

-Head hurts and you feel unwell.

-Problems with the cardiovascular system.