In winter fishing, the main thing is not only the amount of fish caught, but comfort and warmth. The choice of accessories is as important as choosing the winter tent itself.

Heater for winter tent

In order not to freeze on fishing in winter, it is worth considering heating the shelter. On a fishing trip, we make few movements. Insufficient heating of the room can lead to frostbite and colds. If the air inside is warm enough, then you do not even need mittens and gloves! Also, warm air inside the tent prevents the hole from freezing. When choosing a heater, it is worth considering the time spent in the tent, its size, outside temperature and ventilation.

Stoves for winter tents

Stoves can be divided into 2 types: long burning and intense burning. The latter are used in mobile saunas and are characterized by rapid heating to high temperatures. Long burning stoves are used in living tents. They gradually heat up and keep the shelter warm for a long time. Wood burning models allow heat regulation by adding fuel.

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Winter tent insulating

  • Warm floor

To make it even warmer in the shelter, you need to think about the dense bottom, which will prevent cold air and moisture entering inside.

The floor can be with ready-made fishing holes. It also can be a transformer with detachable parts.

Most often, the floors are made of isolon, sheathed with moisture-proof fabric, as well as PVC. It is a good heat insulator. The floors are made of Oxford synthetic fabric - a durable, wear-resistant fabric that is waterproof. Next to the name of the fabric, you can see a mark with a number: 210D, 240D, 300D, etc. This indicator indicates the density of the fabric and the thickness of the thread - the higher it is, the denser the material will be.

There can be both universal floors, suitable for individual sizes, and branded ones produced for specific models of winter tents.

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Lighting in a winter tent

When fishing, you can use a headlamp and additionally place the main lighting under the ceiling of the shelter. These can be economical LED lamps, the charge of which lasts for a long time, and little energy is spent.

Tent furniture

For fishing to be effective, you need comfortable furniture. Your body does not get tired with it. Differences between special camping furniture and ordinary ones:

  • Frost-resistant materials.
  • Moisture resistant fabric.
  • Reinforced legs and construction.

Armchair. For a long sitting in one place, an ordinary folding chair will not work; you need a soft and reliable chair with a back and armrests. Camping fishing chairs are made of frost-resistant, heat-retaining materials.

Folding bed or chair-bed. In order not to carry 2 separate structures with you, choose a transforming chair that can be transformed into a bed. This seat leans back and has a footrest that can be removed if necessary.

Camping cots are more reliable than usual ones, as they have a denser fabric and reinforced legs that are adjustable in height.

Table. A small table will be convenient in a shelter for long stays. You can put equipment and food on it.