Outdoor Camping Tent Sauna.

New Level Of Relaxation

Tent with wood a furnace, where you can take steam bath. Portable unit that weights only 55 lbs. Easy to assemble by one person in 5 minutes. Nice temperature inside, lots of space, and the most important part - you can take the tent sauna with you anywhere.

Tent Sauna is always ready to help you relax. We recommend using it near water to maximize your experience. There is nothing more refreshing than jumping into the lake after a hot sauna.

You've never seen anything like this!

Portable Sauna Anywhere You Want!

We present to you our new invention – The Outdoor Sauna Tent! It is a tent but has the functions of a real sauna - It can be heated up to100C (212F) inside.

The sauna tent bundle includes a tent and a wood furnace and is truly mobile - the smallest one weights 25 kg (55 lbs.) and easily fits into the trunk of a car. These tents are easy to assemble - only 5 minutes and your sauna is ready!

camping tent sauna

Surprise Your Friends Or Spend Amazing Weekend

Take the mobile sauna with you to a picnic to enjoy nature while sitting in a sauna. After a nice hot steam, jump into the water for a really top-notch experience. Or you can have a party in your backyard with the tent sauna!

Your friends will be pleasantly surprised!

Comfort In a Camping Trip

With the sauna tent, you can make yourself comfortable in any season, especially in winter, when it’s really cold outside. You can also take showers, with the available water tank.

camping tent sauna

Safe Design

Strong and not flammable Oxford fabric with frost resistance -58 Fahrenheit!
Mobility - full set is 55lbs and fits in the trunk of a car.
Very hot - can be heated up to 212F even in winter.
Wood Furnace with spark arrester.
Framework made of aviation steel.
Special chimney hole.