A few centuries ago, a visit to the banya was aimed at taking hygienic procedures, cleansing, improving health. Nowadays, steam rooms are used for a pleasant pastime. It is customary to visit them together with company of friends and relatives. People relax and have a good rest.

Banya has a long history. Initially, it did not even have a chimney, so a long stay in banya could be life-threatening. To create the required temperature, people used a special fireplace with stones. Stones maintained the temperature in the sauna, heated water.

If the banya did not even have a pipe, then where did the smoke go? The smoke left through the holes in the ceiling or wall. When spreading around the room, it provided disinfection. Thus, visitors were protected from various serious diseases.

Despite the smoke, fumes practically did not settle on the banya walls. All because people followed the special construction and design rules.

Nowadays, we use completely different technologies when constructing steam rooms. There are many heat insulation materials that provide high energy efficiency in banya. For heating and maintaining a comfortable temperature, you need to spend much less material. At the same time, modern Russian banya is often confused with a Finnish sauna.

Russian banya style

As you know, steam is the basis of bath procedures. Many people believe that the more steam and heat, the greater the benefits. Therefore, there is not much difference between the Russian banya and the sauna.

Of course, there are many similarities - there is a steam room, a washing room, a restroom, a stove together in banya and sauna. But there are still differences. The main one is the way to steam.

For sauna, a high temperature is maintained (+90 ° C and above), while the air humidity is low - within 5-20%. The temperature is kept at a stable level. To breathe the healing steam, you can add some extracts of various plants, such as eucalyptus or fir.

In the banya, the temperature usually does not exceed 65 - 70 ° C, while the humidity is 60-65%, which provides more comfortable stay for banya goers.

At the same time, do not forget about the main feature of the Russian banya - a broom, which provides an excellent massage. Leaves evaporation strengthens the immune system, provides a positive effect on the nervous system. In a sauna, the broom is usually not used, as its leaves dry out due to high temperature.

Let's summarize the facts:

The sauna is a small steam room with a metal stove, stones, dry air and uniform heating of the entire room to high temperatures. An important part of the sauna is a pool where you can jump after sauna session for the maximum health-improving effect. This effect is caused by a sharp change in temperature.

Russian banya is:

  • Spacious steam room with a high ceiling;
  • Wood burning stove with stones located inside;
  • Humid air with a temperature of 60-80 ° C;
  • Soft steam, temperature difference between top and bottom.

Russian banya benefits:

  1. Comfort. Optimal temperature and high humidity are easier to withstand.
  2. Ease of use. There is no need to study special literature about banya and its use. Even a beginner can cope with it.
  3. Relaxation. Comfortable atmosphere and unique microclimate contribute to maximum relaxation. This applies not only to the human body, but also to his nervous system.
  4. Positive effects on the body. The Russian spa has a complex healing effect.

A piece of advice!

It is recommended to keep track of time to know how long you are taking banya procedures.This is especially important for beginners, because you should gradually get used to heat, starting from a few minutes.

The study shows that a person is able to withstand from 71° C to 104° C without damage to health. The higher the temperature in the room, the lower the recommended stay there.

71° C - 60 min;

82° C - 49 min;

93° C - 33 min;

104° C - 26 min.

Conclusion: the higher the air temperature in the steam room, the less time you should spend inside.

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