Sauna Accessories

Camping Accessories for Portable Saunas and Winter Tents

On this page we offer you some additional accessories for your tents: shelves, water tanks, steam generators and special bags. Also we offer additional covers for your portable saunas. In addition, we have furnaces if you want to have a steam bath in your winter tent or to live in comfort in your camping tent for a while.

Winter Tent as a Sauna and Vice Versa

With the opportunity to buy the stove by yourself, you can make your tent what you want it to be. Winter tents can be used as camping saunas and camping saunas can be used as heated tents! It only depends on the furnace.

The More the Better

Some of the tents have only one layer. But for additional comfort and warmth we offer covers for them. Covers create an air gap to keep more warmth inside the tent. Moreover, two layers are much more wind resistant. The cover also has special chimney hole.

Main Accessories for Our Tents

There are many products in our assortment that can make your experience much more comfortable and exciting. For example, the water tank which allows you to boil water for the organization of bath procedures or to pour water on heated rocks for additional steam. Also you can find the shelf for lying or sitting. It can be folded, so it can be easily fitted into the trunk of a car. We also have the steam generators for an additional steam and heat.