Payment via PayPal.

We offer payment through PayPal system. It is simple as snapping your fingers.

Payment by Card

It is also possible to pay for the order with a card (Visa, MasterCard, etc.) For more information, follow the link

Important information for payment by card:

  1. Check the limit for payments; 
  2. Sometimes 3-D Secure is required to make a payment; 
  3. Unfortunately, we have a limit $ 2000 for one payment; 
  4. Do not try to make a payment more than twice. The third time the system automatically blocks you for security reasons. This is done in order to ensure only secure transactions.

Shipping Rates.

Now we use express delivery and the delivery fee is from 170$ for one set. This is an example of delivery fee for 1 sauna set. For non-standard sets of goods, you need to calculate the price personally. To do this, contact the operator.

Custom Taxes

United States: as far as we know, packages whose declared value is under $800 will generally be cleared without any additional fee. For details, go to the website

Canada: packages whose value is under CAN$20 are not taxed. If the item is worth more than CAN$20, you must pay the applicable duty. Rates of duty are established by the Department of Finance Canada and can vary significantly from one trade agreement to another. For details, go to the website

Customs in some provinces of Canada:

Customs and VAT taxes may be different depending on your province.
Customs duty rate: 18% (tent), 7% (stove)
VAT rate: 11%

Customs duty rate: 18% (tent), 7% (stove)

Shipping Timeline.

For example delivery to USA and Canada takes an average of 7-14 days. Estimated arrival dates are not guaranteed. Weather delays and other unforeseen circumstances may impact delivery time.
Howhever our european customers may experience friction with the customs. Unfortunately, we can not do anything, because every European country has its own rules. And you may have to pay additional fees.

Return Policy.

We offer one year guarantee for our product from the factory defects. Our guarantee does not cover ordinary wear and tear or damage caused by improper use or accidents. You can return items. Only items that have been purchased directly from us can be returned to Camping-tent-sauna store. Please ensure that the item you're returning is repackaged with all the bags and documentation that were included when you received it. You can return your product by any shipping service and it must be paid.

Important information

Upon receipt of the package, the quantity and quality of the delivered goods should be checked. Inspect the condition of the packaging, the product itself. If you find damages, take photos of the damages and a general view of the box so that the tape of the shipping company and other information is visible.