Anastasia Chelysheva November 10, 2021
New MORZH video review from the United states
Another detailed video review of the MORZH mobile sauna and the INTENT stove from  Stevie Richards Stevie Richards  creates content to help the consumer make an educated decision on products for maintaining a healthy lifestyle! MORHZ tents can be...

Anastasia Chelysheva September 6, 2021
All payment methods are temporarily unavailable
Dear customers, Payments via Fondy and PayPal will not be accepted within 1-2 days . Technical work is currently underway. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Anastasia Chelysheva August 20, 2021
Become a brand ambassador and get MORZH sauna for free!
If you have at least 10 000 YouTube subscribers, you can become our Ambassador ! Mobile tent sauna MORZH as a gift for a good, detailed review! Conditions: At least 10 000 subscribers on your YouTube channel. Desire to make quality content and spread the mobile sauna...

Anastasia Chelysheva August 6, 2021
New video from MORZH - frequently asked questions
Dear customers! We are constantly releasing new videos to show you our products in more detail, answer popular questions and help you choose the mobile sauna that is right for you! Watch our next FAQ video where you will learn: 0:20 How the chimney valve is attached on MORZH, MORZH 2...

Anastasia Chelysheva July 28, 2021
New wood stove in the assortment - INTENT Long
Dear customers! We are glad to inform you that a new product has appeared in our assortment - INTENT Long wood stove.  This model differs from others, because it has the shape of a hexagon - this gives additional stability and ease of cleaning from ash. Compact...

Anastasia Chelysheva July 9, 2021
New accessory - beach mat for sunbathing
We present to your attention our new accessory - a beach mat for a comfortable stay. Durable material The sunbathing beach mat is made of three-layer fabric - Oxford 240, sintepon 100gr/m2, Taffeta fabric. Edged with a sling. Easy cleaning The mat material allows...

Anastasia Chelysheva July 5, 2021
Fondy technical work is planned
Dear customers! We have scheduled maintenance for Fondy database migration to more powerful equipment. This will increase the reliability and also improve the security and stability of Fondy system. To update, we need to suspend customer service in the merchant portal and payment...

Yana Kulakowa May 21, 2021
Turn your stove into a fireplace
Dear clients! Meet the new accessory - the glass door  for the Intent stove! Turn your stove into a fireplace The flame dance in the fireplace can be endlessly enjoyed. And now you can create a fireplace inside your tent sauna by installing a transparent door to the stove....

Yana Kulakowa March 26, 2021
Good heat is what good sauna is all about, and a tent sauna can provide it
Good heat is what good sauna is all about, and a tent sauna can provide it! "Outside" publishes stories about adventure sports, gear, travel, etc. This time, MORZH tent was mentioned.  It was noted that good heat is what good sauna is all about, and a tent sauna can provide...

Yana Kulakowa March 22, 2021
New Product - Stone holder for stove Intent Mini
Dear clients! We are glad to inform you that a new accessory has appeared in our assortment - stone holder for Intent Mini. Previously, this accessory was produced only for Intent stove, but now you can purchase this product for a smaller copy of this stove - for...