Mike Morzh April 1, 2020

Today we have changed the prices for the tent saunas MORZH. 

We divided the sets to you. Now you can choice the stove what you want with the tent. 

Besides, some tents became cheaper. Morzh tents Prices here

Настя March 25, 2020

Kevin OConnell shares his impressions of using the 3-layer mobile sauna MORZH. Thank you for your sincere feedback!

We publish the part of his review:

"I told Keith I would walk to my house to get a swimsuit and a meat thermometer and return in about 10 minutes. I would then tend the fire and he could go change into his suit. I figured it would be 20-40 minutes to heat up. I returned in 10 minutes to find Keith already in swimsuit sweating profusely inside the sauna. He had a big smile on his face and a red glow to his skin!! He exited with steam rising from his body we took a short video where he estimated it was 200°F. I went inside and immediately felt the heat, my meat thermometer rapidly sped past it’s peak at 180 to what was likely 220°F!!! After 5-10 minutes we jumped in the ice cold lake 10 feet away and swam around for several minutes before returning for many more rounds".

Want to read more? The full review with photos and videos is on Sauna Times. Follow the link: https://www.saunatimes.com/bui...

Настя February 20, 2020

Everybody knows that the benefits of the sauna are great. It is very useful for your body and for your soul. But not everyone knows about all the effects of the sauna. Yes, of course, it cures diseases and stimulate the immune system, but this is not the whole list. Due to sauna procedures, toxins are eliminated and skin becomes cleaner. The sauna also relaxes the muscles and tones the basic life support systems of the body.

According to various kinds of written sources that carry us back to the Stone Age, the first sauna appeared about 2.5 thousand years ago. The historian Herodotus took pleasure in describing the rite of purification by means of perspiration during a visit to the sauna. The Greeks, Spartans and other peoples have references to the sauna.

A modern stationary sauna is a rather complicated engineering structure, requiring the observance of many standards and special calculations. If you want to regularly visit the sauna, you will have to design a stationary sauna at home or go to a public sauna. Both variants require the input of significant resources.

Would you be surprised if you were told that it is possible to have a sauna even in hiking conditions, not to mention having sauna at home?

Nowadays, a new product has appeared on the markets. It is a camping tent sauna MORZH. MORZH means a universal tent with a furnace, which can be used both as a winter tent for living on fishing, and as a mobile sauna. Strong but lightweight duralumin frame of MORZH tents ensures reliability and long use. No worries about transportation - these tents are mobile and you can take it with you anywhere. There are several models of tents MORZH with different characteristics which heat up to 100C in 30 minutes. But how to choose the right one?

An excellent choice is MORZH LIGHT (2.05 x 2.05 m). It is a budget and compact tent with a large window. Its weight is only 6.2 kg, but believe me, it has everything you need: the durable frame, the awning with waterproof impregnation, the ability to install any sauna furnace. MORZH LIGHT has pockets inside and a special net for storing and drying things. If you love outdoor rest or taking a steam bath in a hot sauna, then MORZH LIGHT will be a great addition for you on vacation. You can take it with you on a hike (the tent and the furnace fit in 2 bags). MORZH LIGHT gathers in 5 minutes and heats up to 100 degrees in 30 minutes. The low weight is an extra bonus.

Another good variant is a standard MORZH (2.05 x 2.05 m). This product is a sales leader. Its distinctive feature is the modern 3-layer awning. Through the use of 3-ply materials, the tent keeps the heat much longer than single-layer options. It weighs a little more than MORZH LIGHT, but it also can be used with any furnaces and heat exchangers. The furnace can burn actively in order to make a mobile sauna or burn for a long time for living. Great tent for a great vacation! Available in different colors, as well as other tents.

But what if you are looking for a big and comfortable camping tent sauna that will accommodate whole your family or friends? We have something to offer even in this case. MORZH MAX! With dimensions 2.3 x 2.96 m, it can fit up to 10 people. The advantage is not only a large space, but also the ability to use two furnaces at once for better heating. MORZH MAX also has a three-layer awning and heats up to 100 degrees and more. MORZH MAX is a wonderful tent in which you can take a steam bath and have a great time with the company.

"I have already bought a standart MORZH tent, but I want more space" you might say. And we will answer that this is not a problem! You can order a cover-vestibule. The vestibule allows to increase the size of the useful area of the tent (1,2 m long, 2 m wide), for a standard tent. An additional useful area can be used to store things or equipment. Also it can be used as a place for changing clothes and relaxing. Cover-vestibule has a small weight and glued seams. It is easy to assemble and it provides additional protection from rain.

Well, the mobile sauna MORZH warms in the cold weather and also balances your mental and physical state. It is the universal tent, and you can even buy various accessories in addition to it. All the arguments for the MORZH tent sauna are relevant in any season: it is physical and mental relaxation, improvement of the emotional state, as well as blood circulation. Regular visitors of the sauna train their blood vessels and it ensures a stable state of health.

Do not deny yourself the pleasure to order your own mobile sauna and enjoy its pleasant warmth. Сhoose any tent sauna you like in our range. By the way, the so-called "sauna effect" is manifested precisely due to the constant, at least weekly sweating in the sauna.

Настя August 20, 2019

Colors play a big role in our daily life. We are often asked what color we love, and everybody has his own preferences. Almost all items in stores are available in different colors. Surely, when buying small items, we will choose it in favorite color. For more serious purchases, different options are possible. The main thing here is not to make a mistake.

Good advice for color selection:

- Your favorite color may not be suitable for some occasions.
Before choosing a product in a particular color, think about whether it is suitable for a particular case.

- Colors must also be functional
There are colors that are resistant to most stains, or those that are more appropriate in the heat. There are even colors that help to be unnoticed.

When choosing a tent sauna MORZH, you will think about its color. Fortunately, we have developed several colors for tents: white-blue-red, blue and red, brutal camouflage.

We are sure that style is as important as functionality. The right color choice is one of the important components of your ideal tent. And we are happy to announce that the new color for tents has become available! And new color is black.

Black color is practical and universal. It is a traditional sign of elegance and classic style. You can order any tent MORZH in black. Hurry up to place your purchase!

It will be hot!

Of course, the right tent is one of the key factors for a safe outdoor recreation and enjoyment. And we really want you to get out of the world of concrete walls more often and spend the night in your cozy tent on the shore of some picturesque lake.

If you are going to buy a tent for the first time, there is nothing surprising that you are confused. Tents are produced by manufacturers for different purposes - models can be standard or designed for difficult weather conditions and non-standard terrain.

Looking for a comfortable camping tent that will accommodate whole your family or friends? Absolutely cannot find suitable one? Forget about the tedious choice, because MORZH MAX is available for purchase since 2019 May!

Imagine that you have to spend the whole day in a tent, because it is raining outside. The internal volume should allow you to comfortably sit inside. Spacious and convenient MORZH MAX can be a camping tent and a mobile sauna at the same time. It can fit up to 10 people! Available in four different colors, as well as other tents. MORZH MAX can be used with any furnace and its three-layer awning retains heat perfectly.

You can find MORZH MAX on our website in the section entitled "TENTS MORZH". Warm floor in addition to MORZH MAX is available in accessories for greater comfort.

It will be hot!