Yana Kulakowa July 20, 2020

We've got a new camouflage tent color!

Camouflage colors are designed to be discreet. These are calm, pleasant looking "natural" prints.

Now 2 camouflage options are available to order. In the order you can get one of the camouflage options, depending on the consignment.

Tents MORZH, MORZH MAX, MORZH SKY and MORZH 2 WINDOWS are available in camouflage!

Place an order on the website or write to us by mail info@camping-tent-sauna.com

Настя July 2, 2020

We have been living in harmony with nature for thousands of years. Nature gives us balance and its beauty opens up again and again to us. When we are in nature, time seems to disappear. 

In summer, nature is especially beautiful and painted in a special way. At such a time, it’s hard to stay home. We want to breathe in fresh air filled with summer smells, to be in a calm atmosphere that fills us, allows us to really relax and feel ourselves.

We know how important it is to keep calm in a sea of everyday worries. MORZH tent will help you to cleanse the mind and body of the accumulated tiredness. Take a break, go outdoors, set up a tent and just relax. Everything is possible with a mobile sauna!

In the meantime, watch a short film about relaxation with a mobile sauna MORZH!

Yana Kulakowa June 18, 2020

What to do if you love the sauna, but do not have the opportunity to visit the stationary one? And building your own sauna requires a lot of time and resources ...

This problem is solved with the advent of the mobile tent sauna! The sauna will not only cheer you up, but also help you to completely relax from the daily bustle. You can put MORZH anywhere, take it for any trip, whether it is fishing or a hike with songs around the campfire. You will feel comfortable everywhere with MORZH.

Do you want your own sauna in the yard? No problem! Tent sauna fits perfectly there. A confirmation of this is the video from Paul Bisseker Bushcraft.

Watch the video and make sure that you can enjoy sauna procedures anywhere!

Yana Kulakowa June 12, 2020

We present you the video about MORZH tent. The tent is made of a three-layer material with insulation.

The dimensions of the tent are 2.05 x 2.05 meters.
Suitable for use with any stove with a hot chimney up to 90 mm in diameter.
There are also cuts for diameters of 65 and 80 mm and a valve for the heat exchanger.

The tent is equipped with a net for storing and drying things, as well as with convenient pockets for small items.

You can additionally purchase a warm floor for extra warmth during the winter stay in the tent. And for comfortable sauna procedures, a 13-liter water tank for heating water can be purchased.

Assembly of the tent takes 5-7 minutes.

Настя June 4, 2020

Many people love outdoor recreation, which can last more than one day. And after many hours of walking and overcoming obstacles, when all the muscles are hurting, everyone wants to relax. For this, there is a mobile tent sauna MORZH.

How does this sauna work and what properties does it have? How to relax in comfort? These questions will be answered by TJack Survival, a blogger and nature enthusiast who takes outdoor adventures and useful life hacks on his YouTube channel.

Want to see how you can spend time with MORZH tent? Then watch this awesome video! A mobile sauna in a picturesque place on the shores of a cool lake ... it just couldn't be better. A description of the MORZH tent and sauna experience in detail!

Yana Kulakowa May 26, 2020

Professional photographer and wildlife researcher Cezar Machidon became interested in a mobile sauna and made a video. Want to see MORZH from all sides? Watch the review on the mobile tent sauna MORZH with English subtitles.

MORZH sauna is made of a 3-layer material and heats up to 100 C in 30 minutes.

Video from Cezar Outdoors

Настя May 6, 2020

Dear friends,

During this difficult time, we are doing our best to continue to provide you with high-quality mobile saunas and accessories. Our team continues to work and we are always in touch on any of your questions. Please stay calm, any of your order won't be missed.

Because of COVID-19, shipping may be longer (1-2 weeks), but you will get the package for sure. 

Also now we use only express delivery (DHL company).

Our team wishes you good luck and good health for you and your loved ones!

Yana Kulakowa April 24, 2020

That's the review of MORZH sauna we've just got from Canada. Scott Lamont is a blogger who makes various videos on his YouTube channel, where you can see what active lifestyle he has. His channel is called Drenalin Adventure, and you can find a lot of useful tips there if you are going for nature or choosing equipment for hiking. Camping, fishing, cooking in nature - all this you can find on his channel. Follow the link to see more: https://www.youtube.com/channe...

Scott has made a video about our mobile sauna recently. And now we are sharing it with you. Watch a detailed video about the installation of MORZH tent and INTENT stove.

Heating up to 50°C and more.

3-layer MORZH tent heats up faster than single-layer tent and retains heat longer!

New video - new impressions!!!

Настя April 24, 2020

Dear friends,

As you know, we offer one type of payment, but the most secure - PayPal. It is very simple and convenient. 

But if you have problems regarding to the PayPal website transition or if you face with any other difficulties, you do not have to worry. All you have to do is contact us by e-mail. We will make a PayPal invoice for you so you will be able to make a payment.

Thank you for choosing us!

Mike Morzh April 16, 2020

Some people mistakenly believe that there are no nuances in the installation and use of MORZH tent. And in fact, MORZH has a simplified design, which makes it easy to assemble and use for its intended purpose.

But for the truly comfortable rest, you need to know some things and this video is dedicated to this subject. What should you pay attention to when using the MORZH tent sauna? What are the main mistakes when setting up the tent? You will know this and much more from our new video. Use it right and with pleasure!