Yana Kulakowa May 21, 2021
Turn your stove into a fireplace
Dear clients! Meet the new accessory - the glass door  for the Intent stove! Turn your stove into a fireplace The flame dance in the fireplace can be endlessly enjoyed. And now you can create a fireplace inside your tent sauna by installing a transparent door to the stove....

Yana Kulakowa March 26, 2021
Good heat is what good sauna is all about, and a tent sauna can provide it
Good heat is what good sauna is all about, and a tent sauna can provide it! "Outside" publishes stories about adventure sports, gear, travel, etc. This time, MORZH tent was mentioned.  It was noted that good heat is what good sauna is all about, and a tent sauna can provide...

Yana Kulakowa March 22, 2021
New Product - Stone holder for stove Intent Mini
Dear clients! We are glad to inform you that a new accessory has appeared in our assortment - stone holder for Intent Mini. Previously, this accessory was produced only for Intent stove, but now you can purchase this product for a smaller copy of this stove - for...

Yana Kulakowa March 18, 2021
How to get through the cold winter with the MORZH sauna tent. Some questions about it
Awesome Mitten creates content about interesting places, events, people, and products in Michigan. In particular, they have recently shared such a product as our mobile tent sauna MORZH ! The portable hot tent proved to be a great solution not only to survive cold and cloudy winters, but...

Yana Kulakowa March 15, 2021
Naked sauna & SPA. Tokyo Tower, Japan
Last weekend, March 12-14, an exclusive Naked Sauna & Spa event took place in the center of Tokyo - on the world's tallest TV tower, the Tokyo Tower! During the festival, participants were able to enjoy the unique art of light and relax in a tent sauna under the open sky....

Yana Kulakowa January 29, 2021
What if the package is damaged?
Dear clients! We deliver goods by DHL transport company. This service is very popular and reliable. Most of the packages are delivered intact. But sometimes damage occurs during transit. What to do if the package is damaged? The package is considered damaged if its shape or condition...

Yana Kulakowa December 29, 2020
Winter camping with children
The Duluth Runner - the owner of Morzh Max mobile sauna, shared his story about winter camping with children. Such a vacation will be great fun for adults and children! Read the article and make sure!  "I recently went winter camping to try out a new heated tent setup of...

Yana Kulakowa December 24, 2020
Working days on holidays
Dear Clients! Our team wishes you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We wish you magic, miracles, health and harmony in the new year! We inform you about the working days on holidays. Days off: 1 January 2021 – 10 January 2021 (the first workday is January 11). We apologize...

Yana Kulakowa December 11, 2020
Important information
Dear Clients, The epidemiological situation and supplier delays affected the waiting time for the order. Currently, the waiting period is 2-4 weeks. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and do our best to provide you with a quality service.

Yana Kulakowa December 10, 2020
How to heat water in a tent sauna
For bath procedures in a mobile sauna, you need not only a good stove, but also hot water to wash yourself after steaming. There are several ways to heat water in a camping sauna: 1. Heating water in a metal bowl or bucket by placing it on the stove This method is not bad, but...