Sometimes, in cold seasons, at the hunting trip or at the fishing trip people feel cold and wish to have a warm, cozy place. The place where you can get warm, heat up your clothes and "frozen limbs". Because sometimes it's not enough having a hot coffee or a flask of whiskey to get warm. It happens that you need some serious heating.

Good catch is never at the easy spots. Not near motels with cable. It is in the deep. far away from roads. And at places like this usual tents won't make you warm. Yes, you can secure yourself from the wind - but is this enough? That's when heated tents are useful.

Winter Tents With Stove.

Our winter tents with stove are specially designed for people, that spend a lot of the time in extreme situations. Hunting, fishing, winter swimming or even long term expeditions in the places far away from civilization.

The main feature - two layers. Special design of framework allows to hand inner and external layers that way it creates air gap. It helps to warm air to stay inside tent for a long time.

Special stove - INTENT. It is absolutely safe because it has spark-arrester. It is a longburning wood stove and can keep you warm and comfortable even at extreme cold temperatures. This stove have a long chimney that goes through the roof. Where the chimney and tent intersect - there is special chimney cutting, that edged with metal. Safety first. Also you can cook on this stove - thanks to the design.

In this tent you can stand at full height - not just in the middle, but near the walls also. You can freely move inside the winter tent. Special door hub helps to keep warmth inside and at the same time they are easy to use - no zippers that can be frozen or jammed.

Also wanted to mention how fast you can put up the winter tent. It takes from 10 minutes to a maximum 30. Not forget about mobility - tent and stove packed in special bags which easily fit n the trunk of a car.

Cold Weather Tents With Stoves.

We present winter tents with stoves which passed multiply tests by us and our customers all over the globe. This tents were tested in extreme situations and even saved lives.

Winter Tents With wood Stove.

All out winter tents are equipped with wood stove "INTENT". This is a special stove made of stainless steel, which is designed to create comfort at cold times.

This stove is absolutely safe because it has inbuilt spark arrester. It can easily warm a place of 60 m2 (645,835 square feet). Also it stands on 4 legs and doesn't heat the spot where it stands. Thanks to the design you can freely cook on it.

The INTENT weights only 16 kg (35 lbs) and take minimum space in the trunk.

All this makes this stove - one of the best to heat up tents.