Oxford (Oxford) is durable fabric made of chemical fibers (nylon or polyester) of a certain structure, usually coated, which makes the fabric completely waterproof. The fabric is water-repellent.

Nylon Oxford has the following properties:

  • high strength
  • elasticity
  • good windproof properties
  • super resistance to abrasion, multiple folds and the action of chemicals
  • low hygroscopicity, high thermal and light resistance

Oxford polyester is inferior to nylon in strength and chemical resistance, but surpasses it in heat and light resistance.

Physical and technical characteristics of Oxford fabric (Oxford):

  • 100% polyester
  • Breaking load (at a rate of at least 50 kgf on the warp and 30 kgf on the weft)
  • Oxford 600D - 160 kgf warp, 120 kgf weft
  • Water resistance (for PU coatings) not less than 2000 mm H2O
  • Frost resistance Oxford PVC -50 °С