Definitely this question cannot be answered, because this moment is individual. One thing is certain - it is necessary to know the limits. Sauna should not be abused, as it may lead to not very good consequences, instead of pleasure.

We will give positive and negative qualities of dry and wet steam.

Dry Steam

For human body it is easier to tolerate hot air with low humidity. In saunas, where is mostly dry and hot steam, you can treat skin diseases and diseases of motor-support apparatus. Dry sauna also helps those who struggle with obesity. If you have respiratory problems - dry steam is not for you. It dries your already dried respiratory system.

Wet Steam

Wet steam gives relief to a person with difficult breathing. This is kind of inhalation. Plus, the wet steam has a complex effect on the entire body, helping a person to get rid of various diseases.

Individual selection

In addition to medical contraindications, lifestyle affects in preferences too. Some people like that in the steam room is hot and dry, some like steam is not hot, but humid with scents of pine, eucalyptus, peppermint or bread. Some people prefer the smell of cleanliness and sterility in the sauna room. So choose what is better or worse - the individual prerogative.

Tent Sauna

Sauna tent is different from any saunas - because it is universal. You can bask in the dry sauna, and if you need steam - just pour water on the rock heater. The more you pour the more steam and humidity you get.

Using water tank, you have a hot, even boiling, water that can be used for steam. You need pour the hot water so as to achieve a large amount of steam, but not as much to cool the heater.