"We love sauna!" - say lovers of steam procedures, but many treat the sauna as a place of fun pastime, where you can eat and drink at your pleasure.

Even those who come to the sauna for health improvement, make a number of mistakes.

Let's talk about the main ones that everyone needs to know about!

Mistakes before visiting the steam room

1. On a full or empty stomach

You should not go to the sauna hungry or after dinner. Before the sauna, it is better to have a little snack and drink warm tea or just water between sessions.

A full stomach doubles the stress on the heart in a hot sauna. And if you go hungry, then you simply do not have enough energy to fully relax.

2. Drinking alcohol

It is strictly forbidden to drink alcohol before and during sauna procedures. The vessels expand even more, the load on the cardiovascular system and lungs is big.

The body in the sauna must be cleansed, but when drinking alcohol, this process works in the opposite direction.

3. Do not wash before the bath

Before visiting the steam room, it is worth taking a warm shower, but without soap. The pores will open and you will warm up, so when you enter the steam room there will be no strong contrast between body temperature and hot steam.

Mistakes inside the sauna

1. Wash with soap

The soap dries the skin very much and therefore after the procedure you will need to intensively moisturize it. It is better to wash with soap the day before the sauna procedures, and use scrubs and gommages in the sauna.

3. Plunge into cold water without a head

When swimming in cold water after the hot sauna, the vessels narrow. If you do not plunge into the water completely, the blood is directed to the brain vessels. Because of this, headaches and malaise begin.

4. Steam at temperatures above 80С

A healthy temperature is considered to be 60-70С, then the body does not overheat and active sweating occurs.

Excessively high temperatures impair sweating and well-being.

5. Steam while sitting or standing

If you stand or sit in the sauna, the upper body heats up more than the lower one. Heating of the whole body is much more beneficial.

Better to steam while lying down.