A mobile tent sauna MORZH has reached Japan!

April 16, 2020

Japanese blogger Shingo Fujimori purchased a mobile tent sauna MORZH and decided to test it in action. Shingo shared his impressions of his bathing experience in his video on YouTube.

Shingo said, "When I went into the tent, it was about 80 degrees. It was pretty hot inside. Amazing!"

Shingo showed everything that he had prepared for the bathing procedures: he set up a special bench for a comfortable stay, set up the INTENT stove and laid out bath stones on it. There was also a bucket of water. The atmosphere put him in the mood for a good time. On top of that, MORZH tent with two windows provided a great view and a sense of space.

First, Shingo poured some water on the stones in order to make some steam.
The stove hissed cheerfully, spreading steam throughout the tent.

“Two minutes after I entered the sauna, the temperature rose to 85 degrees! I sweated enough, so I can say with confidence that the goal has been achieved,” Shingo said. 
“It is also very good that there are such windows in the tent, so I can see everything that is outside and enjoy nature. I am very happy”.

After the first round in MORZH sauna, Shingo immediately plunged into the cool water next to the tent, and then the second round was not long in coming.

"I would like to share my impressions with everyone. A mobile sauna is truly bliss. You can have a great time".

Thanks to Shingo for the feedback!

Watch the full video on YouTube: