Until recently, steam sauna was associated only with a public place where many people could steam at the same time. Fortunately, now there is an opportunity to build a sauna directly in your house or apartment and enjoy it exactly when you want - alone or with your company.

2 person sauna

2 person sauna is becoming more and more popular. Going to the sauna together is art unto itself. Like any other types of saunas, 2 person sauna has some secrets. There is the opportunity to install a small sauna in almost any house or apartment. The most popular are 2 person saunas. They differ in size (even up to 1.5 square meters), but provide an opportunity to steam with pleasure with your family or with your closest friends. In such a company, sauna procedures will be doubly beneficial for health.

The smallest saunas are 1x1.4 m and can comfortably accommodate 2 people. If the size of your house allows you to take more space, then the size can increase - you can make a dressing room, a restroom, a pool.

Your own 2 person sauna has many advantages. Here are just a few of them:

  • You do not have to pay for visit. This is an important point if you go to sauna regularly.
  • Such a sauna is more hygienic, because not so many people will take a steam procedure there.
  • It is much easier for you to relax.

You can either design and build a small sauna yourself, or contact professionals. There are many materials and accessories for small sauna, as well as design solutions. Over time, the invested resources 100% pay off.

If you do not want to spend time and resources on building a stationary 2 person sauna, there is a ready-made solution - camping tent sauna MORZH.

3 person sauna

When choosing optimal size of 3 person sauna, it is worth taking into account the position - sitting or lying.

  • a sitting position requires a minimum of space;
  • half-sitting / lying position needs more space;
  • if you like steaming in a lying position, you need much more space.

The optimal size of sauna for 3 people in a sitting position is 1.3x1.8 m. These dimensions do not include a stove. It is also necessary to prepare some space for bath stove based on its specifications.

If you are building a stationary 3 person sauna, then you need to think about the shelves. It is worth considering that they are installed on different levels.

  • The smallest one (in width) is on lower level.
  • The middle shelf is the most commonly used, so it is the widest.
  • The height from the top shelf to the ceiling not less than a meter so that you can sit comfortably.
  • The height between sauna shelves is approximately 0.3-0.4 m.

For a mobile tent sauna for 3, you can purchase a camp-cot or a folding shelf.

Large saunas

If you are thinking about a large 10 person sauna or more, then you should get ready to spend some money and time. A stationary sauna for 10 requires a large investment in materials, and it is better to entrust this work to professionals. In addition, a powerful stove is required to heat a large room, so take your choice seriously.

Morzh Max tent is an excellent choice for 10-12. You get a versatile option - a steam room and a camping tent. Morzh tent is made of 3-layer quilted fabric consisting of Oxford 240, heater with 80 g/m2 density, Taffeta 210 RipStop.

And the ability to install 2 stoves inside will provide you with heat up to 120-130 ℃ and even more!