Camping Saunas

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Portable Outdoor Sauna

The portable sauna - is the new way of camping. Besides picnicking, fishing or hunting, we offer to warm you up, to dry your clothing, and the most important - to take a steam bath!

A Traditional Sauna Outdoors.

Most people think that steam baths must be wooden and you just cannot achieve such high temperatures inside a tent. That is not true. Our tents are not that simple. They are made of a special waterproof and fire resistant Oxford material, which holds all the steam inside. The temperature inside the portable sauna can reach up to 110 C (230 F).

Safe Heater

Thanks to the special construction of the furnace, you cannot burn the tent –the spark-arrester doesn't let sparks fly out of the chimney. This furnace is also compact. When travelling, you can place the chimney segments inside the furnace chamber.

Aviation Steel Tent Frame

The durable frame made of duralumin ensures long-term service and stiffness of construction. The unique and patented design of the tent and frame makes it very easy to assemble. One person can put this tent together in ten minutes.