Nowadays, people are doing a lot of research on the sauna and its effect on our body. The main question that worries everyone who is interested in a sauna is “why is it needed”? Are there any benefits to going to the sauna beyond just feeling relaxed and having a good time with friends? Undoubtedly, there are a lot of sauna benefits, and every regular sauna goer can confirm it.

Not so long ago, words about sauna benefits were rarely supported by scientific evidence. And now it is reported that scientists have been able to prove in practice that the sauna can be extremely beneficial to our health. It has a prophylactic effect on many acute and chronic conditions, and also alleviates the diseases. Scientists continue to work on various studies, and they are generating more and more media interest. In particular, Finnish scientists have published interesting information over the years of research. For Finns, the sauna is an integral part of the culture, and many people have a sauna there. Their scientific interest in this topic is easy to understand.

There are several types of saunas. Depending on the steam sources and on the ways of obtaining heat in the steam room, there are Roman, Arab, Turkish, Finnish, Japanese and Russian saunas. But wherever the sauna is, its influence on us is clear.

The number of interesting discoveries regarding different types of sauna is more than enough. And it is absolutely impossible to view all of them. Therefore, we decided to write about the traditional Finnish sauna, as it is the most researched example. We are talking about short sessions (usually 5–20 minutes) of a steam spa with a temperature of 80°C to 100°C degrees and cooling in the pool or shower.

In a 2015 study by Finnish scientists, the health status of 2,300 people was monitored for over two decades. The study found that those who regularly used saunas were much less likely to die of heart disease or stroke. A year later, the same group of researchers published data on the positive effect of sauna on reducing the risk of senile dementia. They also confirmed a decrease in the likelihood of blood pressure increase by almost 50% - there was an experiment with 1621 people over 22 years.

The sauna also influenced the condition of people with colds, improved lung function and breathing, which is especially important for patients with asthma and chronic bronchitis. This data was obtained by examining the health of 2,210 middle-aged Finnish men for about 25 years.

Once again about the sauna benefits:

1. Skin

Spa steam has a beneficial effect on the skin. The skin serves as an indicator of your health. If a person is pale or has yellowish skin, he is clearly unwell. This organ is the first to come into contact with the environment, transmitting messages about possible dangerous effects to the nerve center. During the short time that a person spends in the steam room, the skin condition improves by 30-35%. Sauna kills the germs, bacteria, removes the top layer of dead cells. Due to intense sweating in the sauna, the skin gets rid of excess sebum. The natural blood circulation becomes better and removes the pallor and dryness of the skin. Smoothing wrinkles, slowing down the aging process and resisting negative environmental influences are very pleasant bonuses.

A piece of advice

You can make masks for the face during the steam session to increase sauna benefits.

Oatmeal face mask.

  • honey - 200g
  • salt - 250g.

Apply for 15 minutes.

2. The skeleto-muscular system

A sedentary lifestyle affects our bones and joints, causes pain, osteochondrosis, arthritis, arthrosis, etc. After steam spa, a good effect is guaranteed.

The use of a broom relieves muscle fatigue and aching pain. When doing sports, you can also warm up your muscles and relax. And what kind of stress is our spine exposed to during the day? You can try stretching your spine in the sauna. In this case, it is better to seek professional help.

3. The cardiovascular system

The high temperature causes a change in the cardiovascular system. Heartbeat is accelerating, it trains and stimulates the heart muscle.

The researchers used interviews, hospital documents in order to evaluate statistics. Only 10% of those who used the sauna once a week suffered sudden cardiac death, and no more than 4% of those who used the sauna more than 4 times a week. The risk of heart disease-related problems dropped from 49% to 31%. At the same time, the best result was shown by those who attended the steam spa more than 4 times a week. 2-3 sessions a week showed benefits too.

*If you have heart problems, it is best to consult your doctor.

4. The nervous system

The nervous system reacts quickly to the high temperature in the sauna. There is a decrease in emotional activity, excitability. But the main thing is not to overdo it, since a long stay in the steam room can cause dizziness, headache, anxiety, and sleep disturbance.

5. Overweight problem

Another sauna benefit is weight loss. With a good blood supply, the metabolism starts to speed up, contributes to fat burning. When combined with diet and exercise, you can achieve good results.

Another tip: do not drink a lot of water after the sauna, especially alcohol. To prevent dehydration, take a small cup of herbal tea. Tea is more refreshing than any other beverage.

Infusion of strawberry leaves:

  • leaves - 20g,
  • water - 400g.

Boil for 5 minutes and wait for 2 hours.

6. Heat for allergy sufferers

About $ 5.6 billion annually is spent on fighting allergies - in medical and other costs. Sauna can help. Allergenic toxins are released through the sweat glands due to the high temperature.

These are the main sauna benefits. You can enjoy the sauna and its benefits at any time in nature or even in your backyard. Morzh tent is able to provide you with good steam.