Specialized tent stoves.

First of all, you need to understand what kind of steam you like. In our assortment there are several stoves that satisfy all your wishes. Also, all the stoves presented in our store are specifically designed for use as tent stoves. They have a built-in spark arrester, which eliminates the emission of sparks from the chimney so that the tent roof does not catch the fire. It is not recommended to use stoves which are not not designed for use in tents.

All our stoves are made of stainless steel, which makes them reliable, lightweight and compact for transportation.

Dry or wet steam?

Stoves can be divided into two types - stoves with stones and with a steam generator. The first type of stove means that you need to put sauna stones on its surface. Stones are necessary for the accumulation of heat. With such kind of stove you can regulate the humidity and steam supply by yourself. If you want to create hot steam in a tent, you need to pour water on the stones. And if you do not like a wet sauna, then just enjoy the dry heat. Our catalog contains several stoves of this type. One example is the wood-burning stove Intent: STOVE INTENT

Steam generator stoves.

The second type of stove is a stove with steam generator. It work like a boiling kettle - you should pour water into the stove, then the stove heats up, water boils constantly and steam is ejected out into the tent. In saunas with such kind of stove there is always wet steam. It is not recommended to use such stoves without water. There is a steam generator in such stove as Altai: STEAM GENERATING STOVE ALTAI

Some interesting videos about stoves

Each type of stoves has its own supporters. It all depends on what you like. In any case, it is better to use 3-layer tent saunas for these stoves in order to keep the heat inside the tent as long as possible. Our site offers several 3-layer MORZH models for you. These tents heat up faster and keep heat longer: CAMPING SAUNA MORZH (WALRUS)