When organizing winter camping with a large company, question of organizing a common place where you can organize a temporary home arises. If traveling with family and children, the shelter should be safe for everyone and camping equipment securely placed. Large camping tents with capacity of 6-12 people are well suited in such cases. These models solve the issue of safe accommodation as well as protection from wind, rain.

They have considerable weight and dimensions. It is quite problematic to carry such a load. It is wiser to take such an item if you are going by car.

Big cold weather options are more difficult to set up than small ones. With rare exceptions, large ones are set up by two or more people.

There are many cold weather tents for family camping. They differ in price range, as well as in different characteristics. We provide brief, but necessary information on choosing a suitable variant, which will help you to make a choice when buying.

First of all, you need to pay attention to the stability of the structure. Frame of your shelter must be strong to support big awning. It should not be blown by the wind.

Also you need to know what material was used to sew the awning. Material should be dense.

It is recommended to buy a tent equipped with windows, ventilation valves. If your temporary home is not ventilated, carbon dioxide appears inside, which can lead to poor health, headaches.

Seams of the awning must be well glued. This is necessary so that they do not leak moisture.

We offer you a list of models that might interest you. They are suitable in cool weather. There are both budget and expensive options.

1. Morzh Max

Sturdy and stylish winter tent with capacity of 6-12 people. The main difference is three-layer awning, which keeps heat perfectly. It is possible to install 2 stoves. There is a lot of space, pockets to place things, hooks. It is both a cold weather tent and a mobile sauna.

2. Coleman 8-Person

Will be a great addition to your holiday. Colors are pleasing to the eye, interior space amazes with volume and convenience.

3. NTK Arizona GT

This high quality waterproof shelter will keep your family dry. It provides plenty of sleeping and storage space. Quality holidays with the whole family (9-10 people).

4. Kodiak Canvas Deluxe

Robust, durable construction. Designed for year round use, but not suitable in extreme winter mountaineering or heavy snowfall. You will not feel cramped, there is enough space. Capacity is up to 8 people.

5. North Face 2-Meter Dome 8

Very warm dome suitable in cold conditions. Resistant to even strongest winds as it has a robust aluminum frame. It is a double layer awning with waterproof properties.

There are windows and several doors, and there is a chimney hole at the top.

Fabric is also very durable, Nylon Oxford 210D and 420D.

6. Jack Wolfskin Great Divide RT

Very comfortable tunnel design with ventilation holes. Spacious area will place without problems approximately 6 people. Can be used in hot and cold weather (but not for very cold winter). Sturdy aluminum support, waterproof tarpaulin. There are 3 doors, 4 windows for viewing.

7. MSR H.U.B. 8

Even extreme winter conditions are nothing if you have it. Incredibly durable, stable, money spent on such a model is worth it.

This cold weather shelter is designed in such a way that it is equipped with everything you need. Several doors, windows, durable aluminum supports. Simple single-layer, but very functional.

8. Kodiak Canvas Flex Bow Basic 6

This model has occupied a significant place on market, so its design is time-tested. It can serve you long time. Breathable fabric will keep you warm in the cold, cool in the heat. Very spacious, has a large canopy, it is firmly installed during assembly. Check out this model if you need something accommodating 6 people.

9. Russian Bear

The ability to install a stove makes Russian Bear truly all-season option and will protect you against cool weather and even extreme cold conditions. A big plus of this model is simple and quick installation.

10. Marmot Lair 8

This is a two-layer, dome-shaped tent with a sturdy aluminum frame. It is waterproof. Also unusually tall - 244 cm. Two doors allow convenient entry and exit, a window for an overview. Great variant.