Most tourists tend to travel in favorable weather conditions. Therefore, most of the models of tents on the world market are focused on use in the warm season.

However, many travelers do not limit themselves to summer hikes, overcoming planned routes in winter and during the cold off-season. In addition, there are many wonderful and beautiful outdoor areas with very unstable weather, where snow can fall or a cold snap can occur. Many people prefer to relax in the highlands, where they can face hurricane wind, snow, ice and frost regardless of the season.

A classic tourist tent won't be enough. Using it will be either very uncomfortable or simply dangerous! 4 season tents come to the rescue, ready for the most extreme conditions - cold, snow, hurricane winds and rains.

What makes a tent all season?

What design features should a tent have in order to be comfortable and safe to use all year round?

  • Strong frame

All-season tents must not only have high wind resistance, but also be ready to withstand high snow load. For this, the developers use the most rigid frames, carefully thinking over their design and selecting strong full-size arcs. With very few exceptions, manufacturers abandon design solutions that reduce the weight of the frame to the detriment of its resistance to external loads.

  • Increased living space and vestibules

Hiking in cold weather requires warmer and, therefore, larger equipment, which will need to be stored somehow. You will also have to change clothes regularly, taking off or putting on warm clothes. All this requires bigger living space. In addition, tourists and climbers often have to wait in their mobile shelter in order to continue the route. Large living space in this case is one of the key factors for the comfortable living of the group and favorable psychological climate within it.

  • Suitable equipment

The uniqueness of 4 season tent is in the ability to use it during the entire tourist season. It must have a complete set that will allow to operate in various weather conditions.

The possibility of using a tent with a stove is an important criterion. Heating the space will allow the user to operate the product not only in summer but also in winter. For this, a place for the stove installation must be organized (chimney cut from heat-resistant materials, special fabrics, as well as a ventilation system).

The presence of mosquito nets on windows and doors is also in demand. Thanks to them, traveling during the warm season becomes more pleasant, since there is no need to worry about insects.

The floor is another important parameter when choosing the tent. Along with mosquito nets, the floor is responsible for the complete tightness of the room.

In order to use the structure all year round, you can purchase an insulated floor designed to reduce heat loss. Check with the manufacturer if the model you are interested in provides for the possibility of installing a warm floor.

  • The presence of multiple layers

It is one of the most important criteria when choosing equipment for the whole year. The inner awning acts as a climate control. In winter and summer, the air gap between the layers compensates for the difference in temperature inside and outside. In addition, tents with an internal awning protects against condensation on the walls of the room. Condensate naturally formed from temperature differences settles between the inner and outer layers. You can remove it simply by shaking the awning.

  • Materials for making 4 season tents

The greatest attention of manufacturers is paid to the outer awning. It has a protective function. Must have good resistance to external influences and long service life. The most suitable for sewing is moisture resistant Oxford fabric. It is easy to care for and will last a long time.

The inner awning is the second barrier of protection and is responsible for the user's comfort. Since the temperature difference between the environment and the room is the cause of the formation of natural condensation, the fabric of the inner layer must also have a high moisture-repellent impregnation rate. Oxford fabric is also suitable for sewing the inner awning

Frame. For products that are used all year round in a wide temperature range, the most demanded material for making the frame is a metal alloy. Modern aluminum alloys are tough and lightweight, which makes them suitable for frames.

Pay attention to these characteristics when choosing a tent. We have also compiled a list of all-season models that may interest you:

1. REI Co-op Arete ASL 2 Tent

Backpacking tent constructed with large internal living space, wide lobby for equipment storage. The tent has ventilation holes. Adapts to different seasons and climates: The inner tent is completely enclosed, with zippered panels covering the mesh panels and vents. Moisture does not penetrate vulnerable areas. It can be used for 3-4 seasons. Modern attractive design as a bonus.

2. Mountain Hardwear Trango 4 Tent

2 double doors, 2 vestibules. The large lobby provides space for gear.

Tight taped seams create a tight canopy and waterproof fabric for added durability

The nylon floor provides the best protection against low temperatures.

Canopy fabric - 40-denier ripstop nylon, floor fabric - 70-denier nylon taffeta, rated 10,000 mm waterproof. Rainfly Fabric - 70-denier nylon taffeta, rated 10,000mm waterproof.

3. REI Co-op All Season Bivy

Great all-season tent with sealed seams for complete weather protection.

Ventilation and personal space. The zipper is easy to open and close and has a storm flap to keep out wind and rain. A good combination of lightness and weather protection.

4. NEMO Chogori 3 Tent

Silicone treated fabrics are durable and do not require seam tape, making them more durable than other similar tents. Offers excellent ventilation, spacious lobby and guy options. Canopy fabric - ripstop nylon, sleeping capacity - 3 people.

5. The North Face Mountain 25 Tent with Footprint

Maximum strength and ease of feeding; stable frame even in very strong winds.

Material cold cracking tested at -60 ° F. Ventilation throughout the tent structure

Inside there is everything you need - hinges, pockets, etc. Canopy fabric - 40-denier uncoated ripstop nylon, floor fabric - 70-denier nylon with 10,000 mm polyurethane coating.

6. Morzh

We cannot fail to mention such a tent as Morzh. The three-layer material will provide warmth even at extremely low temperatures.The awning of the tent is made of a quilted Thermosteck cloth consisting of Oxford fabric 240 / Siberia heater with a density of 80 g / m2 and light strong Tafet fabric with reinforcing weaving. It is possible to install the stove inside (there is a chimney cut made of stainless steel and special fabric with silicone double-sided coating). Suitable for use at any time of the year.

7. Mountain Hardwear ACI 3 Tent

Durable non-stretch fabric to reinforce and stabilize the pole structure, maximizing strength while remaining lightweight. The frame structure makes the tent resistant to strong winds. The lobby provides an adjacent area for equipment storage. Ventilation holes prevent condensation. Doors provide quick entry and exit, insect protection.

Easy assembly, equipped with pockets, floor can be installed. Floor fabric - 30-denier ripstop nylon, canopy fabric - 50-denier ripstop nylon.


The tent was created for professional climbers who need a reliable shelter in the fresh air throughout the year. Reinforced frame, awning made of modern materials made this tent resistant to harsh conditions. The ideal combination of lightness and strength makes it easy to install and durable. Great shelter in the wild.

9. Playdo 4-Season Bell Tent

This tent with the hole for stove chimney can be really all season. Made of 300g / m2 cotton, waterproofed and taped along the seam. Withstands moderate wind, rain, or even snow. Easy to install, designed for 1-2 people.

10. DANCHEL Cotton Bell Tent

Durable waterproof, windproof, snowproof tent. Easy installation, secured with pegs.

It is possible to install 2 stoves inside. The chimney openings are treated with a fire-resistant coating to prevent fire. Full protection from weather.

If you are a fan of camping in any season, then you must be thoroughly prepared for both cold and heat. A properly selected tent made of quality materials will be a great companion on your trip. Choose the equipment that suits your conditions and parameters, and you will get the best travel experience wherever you are.