In different countries there are their traditions of how to take sauna. Our sauna tents can have dry or wet steam - depends on what do you prefer. Temperature can be up to 100C (230 F), which is kinda hot, but normally 80C is enough. Here we gonna talk about health benefits of saunas. What body systems it affects and how?


Nervous system

Cardiovascular system



Respiratory system

Benefits for Skin.

Bath cleanses, rejuvenates the skin. The steam opens the pores, the skin is cleansed of toxins, toxins, dirt, dead skin cells layer, and regular visits to the skin becomes healthy and elastic. Also sauna heat kills any bacteria on the human body. Sauna corrects congenital skin imperfections. Dry skin is getting more supple, oily skin is getting dry. Sauna "training" has beneficial effects on the skin of all types, bringing her back to normal. Sauna bath can prevent the appearance of premature wrinkles that occur due to the suppression of sebaceous gland functions. Regular exercise is necessary not only sweat but also the sebaceous glands. Steam bath is the best coach.

Sauna therapy is especially great for skin after a dramatic weight loss or after pregnancy.

Nervous System.

Due to the high temperature in the steam room, external blood vessels dilate, the blood from the brain molds, its activity is reduced, which leads to relaxation of the body, i.e. to calm and relaxation.

A visit to the steam room is recommended in the following diseases of the nervous system: ill-defined paralysis after acute polio stages of radicular pain syndromes, inflammatory diseases of the central nervous system (a year after the acute stage), degenerative myopathy and myotonia, cerebral palsy, children enuresis, autonomic neuro dystonia, muscle hypertonicity, nervousness, sleep disorders.

Cardiovascular System.

The alternation of high and low temperatures gives the elasticity of blood vessels. such load strengthens the heart muscle, thereby reducing the risk of heart attack.

Sauna stimulates all the cardiovascular system, heart rate in the steam room reaches 150 beats per minute. Blood circulation is enhanced, the blood pressure is not increasing as the heat expands the skin even the smallest vessels, which reduces the resistance to blood flow. The capillaries dilate, which improves skin nutrition. The result - a fresh look and energetic. Surprisingly, if you have coronary heart disease - steam or cold shower or swimming pool do not cause stenocardia attacks. Most hypertensive patients observed with reduction of pressure. If they do not exceed the pulse of 110 beats per min., their diastolic blood pressure do not increase, and mood improves after the steam sauna, it is possible to visit it regularly.

Otherwise, a sauna bath should be treated with caution. These recommendations apply to patients with ischemic heart disease. Six months after myocardial infarction and it can be useful to visit the sauna, but the temperature in the steam room should be limited to 60 ° C.

Benefits of Sauna Use for The Metabolism.

The metabolism in the body - is the foundation. No metabolism and no life itself.

Sauna steam, as we know, improves circulation. Circulating through the vessels, the blood nourishes the body moisture, oxygen, and nutrients. Oxygen stimulates the oxidation processes. Oxides of waste products have faster output through the skin and lungs. Proteometabolism is also stimulated. Everybody likes to stay young and beautiful longer. The protein collagen is responsible for the elasticity of the skin, this protein located in the tendons, in ligaments, cartilage. A person ages because slags are blocking protein molecules that form the cells of the body.

Sauna heat helps to effectively cleanse and renew cells. Toxins go out through sweat. And the more intense sweating, the more noticeable the improvement of metabolism.

The Use for The Kidneys.

Sweating in the steam sauna bath causes a sharp decrease in the load on the kidneys. This effect lasts up to 6 hours after going to the sauna.

Steam sauna is recommended for such diseases, urinary tract kidney as chronic cystitis, chronic pielotsistit with no signs of kidney damage, kidney stones with a yield of small stones, chronic renal tuberculosis, chronic inflammation of the prostate gland or testicles.

The Use for Respiratory System.

Respiratory system in the steam sauna begins to work very intensively, enriching the blood with oxygen and its tributary increases levels of endorphins, "happiness hormones".

Sauna bath improves bronchial drainage and passability, which is useful in chronic pneumonia and chronic bronchitis. But the sauna bath procedure is allowed only in remission in the absence of suppurative complications. Sauna provides good effect in bronchial asthma, in the case of severe asthma attacks. The most effective treatment it gives to children. Asthma attacks are less common and may disappear altogether.

Indications: allergic reactions, laryngitis, chronic sinusitis, bronhosinusit, chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, conditions after pneumonia, pneumoconiosis, chronic specific lung damage, respiratory tract without signs of activity.