Wood burning stoves for saunas have a lot of supporters, which make a strong case in favor of this type of furnace. The first argument - one of the most compelling - Nothing beats the cozy crackling of the birch logs in the stove, the smell, the magic of "live" fire. Wood burning stoves preferred by people who value traditions, intimate atmosphere and the ritual of kindling furnace itself.

Pros of wooden stoves

As for pragmatic reasons, which force to choose wood stove for a sauna, there are plenty. Firewood is an ideal fuel, which can be found in the forest and you can prepare it yourself. Of course you can buy ready and dry wood in the store or at the market. There is also another advantage. Stoves have a rather complex ventilation system, in which the combustion of solid fuels (firewood), provides a higher efficiency. In this respect, wood stoves can achieve the desired temperature in the steam room and can hold it for a long time.

What fuel to use?

To the bath was complete, you need to properly use the stove. The most optimal fuel for the woodstove considered birch logs or timber of other hardwoods. Use the pine logs for kindling oven is not recommended, because the resinous substances in the combustion process form a soot. If there is no other choice, and it is necessary to fuel up the furnace with pine logs, throw to the back of the furnace a few logs of aspen. Flames from this tree will burn the soot and fumes in the furnace.

Cons of wooden stoves

The only disadvantage of the wooden furnace - you often need to pop the fuel, so the temperature in the steam room did not decrease. Well, also some people think that wood is not an ideal fuel - occupy much space and so on.

You are now familiar with advantages and disadvantages of wood burning stoves. Now it would be much easier for you to decide. Have a nice steam bath experience!