When it's getting colder outside many people put their camping equipment in the closet, waiting for the warm days to come back. There are people, who cannot be stopped by cold - they just take thicker sleeping bags with them. We recommend to use heaters on your tents, so you can heat up your clothes or fully warm up after being outside for a long time.

But there is a lot of different types of heaters. What to chose?

Types of Portable Tent heaters.

Propane Tent Heaters.


The most common heaters for the tent. It requires a gas cylinder. Usually they are ceramic or infrared. By themselves, powerful and pretty safe. Perfect for instant heat and for drying things.


You only need a good ventilation and keep it away from the walls of the tent, as the heating element is very hot and can easily melt the tent. Just do not use it while you sleep.

Electrical Tent Heaters

There are two types - convection and radiant. First are designed for large areas, the second for small ones.


This heaters are the safest, as it is impossible to contact with the heating elements. Most of electrical heaters have a mechanism for the automatic power off when the heater is "overheated". They are optimal to maintain a comfortable temperature in the tent.


The downside is that you need to have a source of electricity, or the heater would not work. The effectiveness of these heaters is much lower than propane. The air is very dry and stale.

Wood Heaters or Stoves


They are working on the natural material - wood, which can be easily found in the forest. They can warm up pretty big room. Also wood heaters make crackling sound - cause of the logs, which many people love. When active burning process is finished, logs will smolder, maintaining a pleasant temperature. Wood heaters are good for comfortable stay or for a rapid "reanimation" of a freezing person.


Of course, to use wood-burning stove in the tent you need a chimney. The chimney should be special so the hot pipes are not melting tent. And weight of this heater is much more than propane or electric ones.

Best Heater for Camping Tent.

INTENT stove

INTENT stove is one of the best tent heaters. It is safe, powerfull and portable. It needs minimum space in the trunk, can heat up 60 m2 (645,835 square feet) room and has a spark arrester which protects tent walls from sparks and fire.

Delivery set includes:

Furnace INTENT - 1
support legs - 4
chimney segment - 6
cover for INTENT - 1