The moment has come when you decided to go hunting. You need to take many different things with you. Of course, the main thing is the gun, but such a trip, as a rule, takes several days and you need to live somewhere. A suitable option for an overnight stay is a tent. It becomes your temporary home, so you need to take it seriously. The correct choice will protect you from unexpected troubles and other problems. In order not to come face to face with the negative groans of the wild, the shelter must have a reliable design and other operational capabilities. In this article, you will learn how to choose the right hunting model and what to look for.

Evaluate the possibilities and functions of the design

If it is expected that there are more than 3 people, you will need a spacious structure. It is able to accommodate a sufficient number of people. If only 1 or 2 people will sleep inside, your temporary home can have a smaller size. You need to pay attention to the shape of the models, some are not strong and stable enough. Also, many of them are not easy to install. The weight also plays a big role. The extra weight of equipment will affect your travel. But if you go on a trip by car, you will worry about the compactness of your future shelter rather than its weight. Always proceed from the conditions in which you will find yourself.


If the awning is single-layer, then its fabric should meet special requirements: waterproofness together with breathability. We can say that this is not the cheapest material, so you need to prepare for a high price. Most of single layer options are

made of waterproof synthetic materials. The main problem with such models is condensation that forms on the walls. If the material is waterproof, but not breathable, then a competent ventilation system is required: mesh openings on all sides of the tent. The main advantages of single-layer variants are lightness and compactness.

Multi-layer tents are now more popular than single-layer ones due to the combination of price and quality. Two-layer and three-layer awnings have a waterproof awning and a breathable layer. The air space between the layers serves to drain condensate formed during breathing.

For the awning, Polyester Ripstop, Nylon, Taffeta, silicone are popular. The quality of the awning is determined by mm H2O which it is guaranteed to withstand. The awning fabric must be resistant to stretching, because if the awning material is stretched, the tent will lose its shape, and this contributes to its getting wet. The seams of the awning must be glued, otherwise water will enter. This is not very noticeable at first, but each time you use the shelter, the water flowing through the seams will feel sharper. In any case, in order for the awning to serve as long as possible, it needs timely care. It is worth purchasing a means for gluing seams, and periodically additionally process seams by yourself.

The fabric of the inner layer must have breathable properties, lightness and strength. To ensure these characteristics, Nylon ripstop, Nylon Taffeta, polycotton are mainly used.

The floor is a very useful part that is most susceptible to wear and tear. Hunters can hunt not only in good weather conditions, but also in winter - in snow and wind. The floor must retain warmth well, be durable and waterproof. Commonly used Polyester ripstop, Nylon Taffeta, Nylon Oxford.


The main requirements for the frame are lightness, strength and wind resistance. Today these requirements are best met by aluminum alloys.

Various types of fiberglass are also used in the frames. This is a lightweight, durable material, but in the cold it becomes relatively fragile; in high mountains, plastic decomposes in 2-3 seasons under the influence of hard ultraviolet radiation and there is a risk of breakage at the most inopportune moment. Fiberglass is a cheaper and less versatile material, quite suitable for simple hikes.

Steel frames have high strength and elasticity, but at the same time they are heavy.

In different models of tents, the frames can be located both inside the awning and outside it. A tent with an outer frame is more convenient to set up in extreme conditions such as strong winds.


Tent additions is a very important issue. Hunting tent should have pockets, hooks, nets for ease of use. It is also necessary to pay attention to the vestibule as a significant part. You can store most of the things in it, make a kitchen. The conclusion is simple: the larger the vestibule, the more functional it is.

A wind skirt sewn around the perimeter of the tent is also a very important accessory. It is necessary in extreme conditions. Provides greater heat retention, protects against drafts, and also makes it possible to additionally strengthen the tent.

Pay attention to details like these when choosing a hunting tent.


The entrance of the tent should have as much convenience as possible, as no one wants to waste time entering, especially when it is cold outside or if there is an urgent matter.

Velcro and swing doors are popular. In this case, there are no obstacles for a comfortable entry and exit. But if you hunt in a cold climate and put, say, a stove for heating, Velcro will not keep warmth as well as zippers.

Modern zippers also provide a comfortable and secure entrance. It is preferable that the zipper is plastic. It saves weight, and if you use the tent in winter conditions, the metal quickly freezes. The advantage of a metal zipper is that it is more durable.

Some other tips

  • If you are choosing model in a local store, ask the seller to set up the selected tent. Watch carefully how this is done and if the arcs fit properly. If there are any difficulties, then it is better to refuse buying, since it is even more difficult to install it in nature. But even if the assembly was easy, you still need to disassemble it and put it back. If this is difficult, then it is also worth looking for another tent.
  • Good branded tents cannot be cheap. If you are offered such options for a cheap price, it is most likely a fake.
  • If you want to heat a hunting tent with a stove, then some models have the ability to install a stove inside. Such tents must have a special cut for the chimney, which is treated with heat-resistant materials. The quality of tents should allow to use it absolutely safe. One of these tents is MORZH.
  • Stoves matter too. From a variety of models, you must choose one that is powerful enough to heat space and light enough to transport comfortably. A good material for stoves is stainless steel, which is lightweight and at the same time strong, resistant to temperatures.