If you feel tired, then it is time to think about rest. Each person rests in different ways. Some people love to lie on the sofa and enjoy an exciting book or movie. Others love the sea and sun and prefer to spend time on the beach. Somebody cannot imagine their vacation without hunting, fishing or hiking. For some, an irreplaceable place of relaxation is a sauna with healing aromatic steam. This type of recreation combines a pleasant pastime and healing properties.

In this article, we will highlight this particular type of recreation, which is extremely popular. If you love nature and sauna, choose a construction that allows you to enjoy sauna procedures anywhere. Such a wonderful structure exists. This is a portable sauna tent that will become indispensable for you.

It has a lot of advantages: heat and moisture resistance, versatility and ease of care, use, as well as an attractive design.

What does the tent sauna consist of?

  • Tent

First of all, the tent must have a strong metal frame and a high-strength awning, which reliably protects the structure from rain, snow, wind, heat, frost and retains heat. The roof of the tent must have a special chimney cut that can withstand the heat. Ideally, there should be a wind skirt for more thermal insulation. These tents are usually versatile, can be saunas and tents for living. Perfect shelter with or without stove. Of course, because of the technical characteristics, such tents cannot be called lightweight, but they are usually sold with a transport bag that can easily fit into the trunk of a car.

  • Stove

Stoves for mobile saunas are made of heat-resistant stainless steel and are distinguished by their reliability, strength, and ease of use. Typically, these are wood-burning stoves that can be used for cooking, drying things. These special stoves are usually equipped with a spark arrestor for safety. In some models, the stove comes with a tent, while in other models it must be purchased separately.

A few years ago, portable sauna tents were a rarity, but today there are already many models that will satisfy any buyer. If you find it difficult to choose a product, we have compiled a list of portable sauna tents that may interest you.

1. MORZH tent sauna

Having appeared on the market, MORZH tent saunas quickly won the hearts of buyers. What features do people like so much that they again and again make a choice in favor of these models? Everything is very simple. First of all, an exceptional three-layer material that keeps heat perfectly and provides a hot sauna that makes you sweat. The awning technology is patented and can only be used in these models. Secondly, it is a strong frame made of aluminum alloys, which are used even in the air industry due to their strength and lightness. Also, the tents are equipped with many nice additions - pockets, hooks, windows. The set carefully includes pegs, transport bag, technical passport. There are several types of stoves that can be purchased with the tent. If desired, you can buy a variety of accessories and make the sauna even more comfortable to use. The service provides advice both when choosing a product and after purchasing it. Stylish colors, variety of models make MORZH very attractive to buyers

Awning material: three-layer quilted cloth "Thermosteck" consisting of Oxford fabric 240 / heater "Siberia" with a density of 80 g / m2 and light strong Tafet fabric with reinforcing weaving.

Frame material: aluminum alloy D16T with magnesium and copper

*MORZH Light model is a single-layer option.

2. Savotta Hiisi 4

Savotta tent sauna will provide sauna relaxation in hiking conditions. This is a good option for hunters and fishermen, fans of bushcraft, as well as for all lovers of steam away from civilization. The design and materials allow you to enjoy a full Finnish sauna under any conditions.The use of fire-resistant materials minimizes the possibility of accidental fire and prevents damage from short-term exposure to sparks, and the breathability of cotton ensures that there is no condensation and moisture, creating a pleasant atmosphere. Resistant to mold and mildew. Reliability, low weight and compact transport dimensions.

Awning material: walls made of fire-resistant nylon, roof made of fire-resistant cotton-polyester reinforced with RipStop

Frame material: aluminum

3. Ex-Pro 2

Tent for traveling in a group of 4-6 people, rain and wind resistant, spacious, with good ventilation. The ability to use as a mobile sauna. The waterproof and windproof material will ensure you a comfortable stay inside, and the wear resistance provide the durability of using the tent.

Awning material: Oxford fabric 300 D

Frame material: fiberglass

4. Terma 20

Single-layer sauna tent for 2-6 people. Optimum ratio of size and weight, stable construction. Ventilation valves, mosquito nets and other things are included in the tent.

Awning material: Oxford fabric 240 D

Frame material: aluminu