4 season tent

Universal tents

Choosing the right model

On Camping Tent Sauna there are 4 season tents for all tastes. Our products are able protect from snow, wind, hot sun rays, insects. Any of the offered products work together with stoves, which makes them even more universal. Take a look at this section in more detail. You will see why our tents are 4 season.

Tents are made of quality Oxford material. This fabric is in demand due to its special properties of repelling water and dirt. Oxford is used for sportswear, tourist and fisherman equipment. Waterproof properties of the fabric are 450, 800, 1000 and 3000 mm H2O, depending on the type of impregnation. Oxford frost resistance up to -22°F. These shelters will protect you from any bad weather, just choose the suitable one.

Tent sauna material

Easy to use

Traveling with a big company? We have big all weather MORZH Max, Terma and other variants that have enough space. You will not feel cramped in case you need shelter from cold, or if the weather suddenly turns bad. If you like to admire nature, we have three-layer MORZH for 4 season use. They are able to give an overview of surrounding area with wide windows.

If you prefer lightweight shelters, then MORZH Light is a great addition to your vacation. This option is also compact, but its weight is less due to single-layer fabric.

All models are suitable for use together with the stoves made of AISI stainless steel, which can heat up to 100° C. There is a cutting for the chimney in every tent, made of stainless steel and a special fiberglass with a silicone doublesided coating. It can withstand heating up to 932°F.

Many tourists are looking for an option that satisfies their desire to spend time in nature and not load them with unnecessary equipment. Even if you are traveling alone or as a couple, there are variants that are able to stand the test of any weather and compactly fit into the trunk of your car. These tents are easy to set up even by one person. They have an aluminum frame that is lightweight and durable. These shelters have a place for you and your belongings.

Remember that when you are well prepared, unpleasant situations are impossible. Having a quality shelter that can become a home for a while, you are not afraid of discomfort. Choose 4 season variant using the proposed options and make your vacation truly comfortable.

Camping Tent Sauna offers goods of the manufacturers from outdoor industry. If you are planning a trip, start with our store as the first step on your adventure.