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Long burning wood stove for camping with built-in spark arrester. Material AISI 430 steel

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Stove for heating and cooking

The Intent Fisher stove can be used both for heating tents and cooking food. For this, the stove has a flat hob.


The stove is equipped with a built-in spark arrester that protects the tent and belongings from sparks. The door has a draft control.

Durability and environmental friendliness

The stove is made of corrosion - resistant AISI 430 stainless steel with 0.5 - 0.8 mm thickness. All significant parts are reinforced. It is a heat-resistant, durable material that heats up and cools down quickly. AISI 430 steel does not contain toxic substances, so the stove operation is safe.


  • Carefully check the stove position on the ground to avoid tipping over.
  • Do not touch the stove while it is in working order. This can cause burns. Use a auna mitten.
  • Do not allow drunk persons and children to use.
  • Do not use gas, flammable substances, coal, cardboard or paper as fuel.
  • Do not leave the door open.
  • Make sure the chimney segments are tightly connected.


AISI 430 steel
Steel thickness
Firebox 0.8 mm, convectors 0.7 mm, chimney 0.5 mm
350 mm
340 mm
Height without legs
235 mm
Width when folded
240 mm
Width when unfolded
275 mm
Chimney diameter
65 mm
Depth of the firebox
400 mm
Firebox volume
15 l
Chimney segment length
320 mm
Stove weight
8,3 kg
Transport dimensions
40х24х30 cm


1 pc.
Chimney segments
6 pcs.
Corner segments
2 pcs.
2 pcs.
1 pc.

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