Tent safe heater

Compliance with requirements

Our safe tent heaters are carefully designed and easy in use. They meet the following requirements:

  • Safety. This is the first and most important. Device does not create dangerous factors, it is fireproof (subject to the rules of use), prevents fuel ejection
  • Compactness. Heaters are convenient to install, transport, use in field conditions.
  • Profitability. It is economical and environmentally friendly device. Doesn't burn a lot of fuel.
  • Variability of use. In addition to its main function, our heaters are useful on a hike. They can be used to warm up the kettle, cook food, dry wet clothes or shoes.

Our assortment

Our models are simple in terms of operation and fuel. They can be used even by people without special knowledge. We offer wood heaters. The advantages of these models are the availability and environmental friendliness of fuel. Any kind of wood is suitable. A wide range of stoves allows you to choose the size you need for your tent. Tent heaters are absolutely safe: there is a spark arrestor, combustion products are discharged into the chimney. They are reliable and powerful. Suitable for heating tents, cooking.

All heaters are made of AISI stainless steel and are suitable for use at temperatures from -40 + to 104°F. They are complete and ready to use, have enough chimney segments for installation in a tent. The chimney segments are tightly connected and fixed. The place of contact between pipes and material is covered with a special coating.

Many heaters have a special surface for cooking food. If desired, the device can be used as a sauna stove; 20-25 kg of stones can be laid on its surface. Many models have side convectors for air circulation and uniform heating of the tent. The standard kit includes a heater, chimney, legs and a cover for easy transport.