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Modified Intent stove with spark arrestor and more features

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For tents and saunas

Intent sauna stove is a universal stove that can be used for heating tents and cooking, as well as for sauna procedures in mobile saunas. You can put special sauna stones on the stove and pour some water to get steam.

Thickness of the steel

We have changed the thickness of the steel - it is now 1.5 mm. This makes the stove more resistant to high temperatures and keeps it looking good for longer, even after repeated use.

Quick release feet

We have added another feature - quick release feet. This simplifies the installation of the legs. The heater is quick and easy to assemble and disassemble, which is especially important in cold weather. The legs also have frost-resistant plastic tips that can be adjusted in height and angle. You can achieve a stable position of the heater on any surface.

Ashtray with draught control

The ash pan is manufactured using patented thermal break technology. These are thin slits in the ashtray made by laser that prevent metal deformation during heating. The ashtray is not deformed and retains its original shape. At the same time, the ash does not fall out. The special geometry of the ashtray makes draught control more effective. When the ashtray is completely closed, the airflow is blocked. The ashtray technology is patented.

New door locking mechanism

No more risk of getting burned by the hook. Now the door opens and closes easier and faster, even with your foot in 1 second.

Diagram of the layout of screens for air convection


Material AISI 430 steel
Steel thickness 1,5 mm
Length 60 cm / 23,6 inches
Height 57 cm / 22,4 inches
Width in the folded state 23,5 cm / 9 inches
Width in the unfolded state 28,5 cm / 11,2 inches
Chimney diameter 9 cm / 3,5 inches
Depth of the furnace 46 cm / 18,1 inches
Volume of the furnace 33 l.
Chimney segment length 38 cm / 14,9 inches
Height without legs 42.5 cm / 16,73 inches
Width when folded 23.5 cm / 9,25 inches
Width when unfolded 29 cm / 11,42 inches
Volume in the folded state 0.0599 m3
Chimney diameter 9 cm / 3,54 inches
Weight 22 kg / 48,5 lbs


  • Stove - 1;
  • Chimney segments - 6;
  • Pouch - 1;
  • Leg - 4.

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