Hot tent stove

Stoves for tent

Our hot tent stove models are able to turn your tent into a hot sauna, to warm you during cold season. They will not only make you sweat, but will also become an indispensable assistant when preparing food in field conditions, drying wet things.

These models support the most reliable and aesthetic type of fuel - wood. You can enjoy the crackling wood. Provide yourself with safe heat in any weather.

Furnace quality

These models are designed specifically for use inside tents, mobile saunas. Their design ensures their durability, quality, usefulness. To make hot wood stoves meet your requirements, we:

  • offer models that can operate in different functional modes: long-burning stoves, mobile sauna stoves and cooking stoves. They can create comfortable conditions for steaming in a mobile sauna or living in a winter tent. They can reach very high temperatures. The top of many models can be used as a hob for cooking and heating water;
  • choose stoves made of AISI stainless steel. It is a durable and lightweight material, resistant to mechanical damage, corrosion, and has a high thermal conductivity. Steel is able to heat up and cool down in a short time with minimal risk of deformation from a sharp temperature drop. Steel of this class has a melting temp of 2597-2750°F
  • choose technologies that will be useful for all-season operation. The stoves are equipped with a spark arrestor that prevents burning of the tent awning. The presence of legs and a lower screen prevents ice and snow from melting under the tent during prolonged use in winter. They will also provide increased stability and safety when used in a tent.

All models are specially designed for use with tents and have all the positive qualities of these types of device. Buying a hot tent oven makes it possible to enjoy the comfort even in harsh climatic conditions. If you have any questions, we will always be happy to help you with your choice! For advice, you can always contact our customer support.