Wood stove

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Safety and portability

We provide a wide range of wood stoves. You can see the online assortment of goods at a good price. Due to stainless steel, a durable and lightweight material, our stoves have a modern steel design. It is an ideal solution for effective heating of a camping tent, mobile sauna. We offer stoves such as Intent, Altai, Tourist from quality manufacturers.

By using environmentally friendly materials, we strive to provide modern wood-burning stoves that heat the room and are suitable for cooking, drying clothes, and even steaming in a sauna.

This is a classic, time-tested method - heating using a wood-burning stove. This is the best solution when it is impossible to use other energy sources. Wood stoves were and remain profitable and advantageous options. High degree of heat transfer, ease of operation and low fuel cost.

Wood-burning stoves are most convenient for heating winter tents and saunas. They provide a lot of heat for several hours. Heat generation efficiency reaches 80 - 90%. And the environmental friendliness of this type of fuel cannot be compared with liquid fuel and natural gas. For thousands of years, people used firewood. And today, despite the widespread use of natural gas or coal, they remain a popular fuel. In the countryside, you cannot do without them. The best wood for heating stoves is dry. Humidity should be within 20%.

Why firewood

Our wood stoves can be installed anywhere. The optimal design makes it easy to assemble and disassemble stoves. For a variety of choice, the catalog contains models of different types and sizes. There are small stoves with a simplified design for a comfortable stay in a winter tent.

There are products with sliding side and bottom convectors, which provide air circulation and provide heating of the entire tent space. Models with convectors easily change from transport to working state. Convectors can be tightly shifted to the furnace body to give 30% less size in transport. In the catalog there is a steam generating stove that can create a steam sauna in the tent and make the air humid.

Our stoves are made only from quality materials. Lightweight, but at the same time strong AISI steel makes our product heat-resistant, reliable. Wood stoves can be heated to 212-248°F, suitable for hiking, saunas, winter fishing. For your safety, stoves are equipped with a spark arrester, a stable chimney. Optimum steel thickness and product dimensions allow use at external temperatures from -40°F to 104°F.

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