Wall tent stove

Tent stove

When you are planning a long camping trip in a wall tent, the first thing you think of is a wall tent stove. When you will feel all the advantages of using such a device in a wall tent, you will agree that this device only adds pleasant sensations, warmth and comfort on a cold night in the forest. The main purpose these items is to provide a comfortable temperature in any weather, trouble-free use.

Wood wall stoves are distinguished by the availability of fuel, because you can always find branches in the forest or buy firewood inexpensive. Wood stoves work everywhere and provide dry heat. They will dry out your gear perfectly.

Our wall tent furnaces have simple and elegant design. The design of the product allows them to be used in tents of various shapes and sizes. Set includes: stove, chimney segments, legs, transport bag. All this takes up little space, fits in the trunk of your car.


Stainless steel

Undoubtedly you want to use the furnace for different purposes. A lot of people are looking for a product that is suitable for cooking in wall tents. Many stove models are equipped with a hob, so you can cook the same as on your stove at home! You will not stay hungry, because you can fry eggs, bacon on the stove. You can make tea, coffee. 

For convenience, an additional water tank can be purchased. And pleasant crackling of wood inside firebox will create a special atmosphere in your wall tent. Spend a few nights like this, and you can no longer do without the comfort that the stove gives.

AISI steel is used for the production of furnaces. Steel thickness varies according to models. This material is widely used in the production of washing machines, stoves and other household appliances. AISI steel has little exposure to organic acids found in food, detergents and other household chemicals. High heat resistance significantly expands the possibilities of its use - heaters made of this steel can be used in mobile saunas. Melting temp of such a material is about 2597-2750°F.

If you are a fisherman, hunter, tourist, then you can organize a camp where you will settle in comfort. A quality and well-designed wall tent stove is an integral part of your stay.