Wall tent



A tent is one of the most important attributes of tourist equipment, since it becomes a temporary home for its owner. It protects from bad weather, allows you to rest and gain strength to overcome new routes.

This section offers a wide range of wall tents with durability, optimal design and comfort at any time of the year. You can choose a wall tent from a variety of coverings, sizes, modifications according to your preferences. Take some time to browse the catalog and choose the right tent for your needs.

Thanks to many years of experience in the field of tourism and camping, we have identified all the features, high wear areas of wall tents and offer only those models that have reinforced stress points to ensure a long product life. Each tent has its own characteristics, indicating the features and advantages of the product.

The standard features of all tents:

  • Straight vertical walls with optimum height allowing you to comfortably fit in the tent
  • Can be used with stove made of AISI stainless steel. A stainless steel chimney cut is installed on the roof
  • Safe entry
  • Additional options such as ventilation valves, fireproof impregnation, mosquito net, wind skirt to keep warm
  • Oxford fabric awning with at least 2000 mm waterproof
  • Main frame of aluminum tubes
  • The set comes with a bag for easy transportation

Why exactly these materials

The tents are made only of high quality materials and components. Each stage of production is carefully controlled.

Awning is made of Oxford synthetic material. It differs in a special dense weave of fibers. It is often treated with a polyurethane coating. Most often Oxford is made from polyester or nylon. PU (polyurethane) coating provides waterproof and windproof properties of the fabric. Resistant to organic solvents. The water resistance of PU coated fabrics ranges from 200 to 5000 mm H2O. High tensile stress. The material is thermal-resistant and able to retain its properties at temperatures ranging from -58°F to 230°F. Oxford is easy to clean. You can use liquid cleaners, soapy water, a sponge, or a piece of cloth.

The frame is made of aluminum alloy, which is lightweight and highly durable.

The stove is made of heat-resistant stainless steel, which ensures a long-term operation at high temperatures. It can be securely fixed in folded and unfolded state, excluding tipping over even in strong wind.