Tent with stove

Warm tents

Tent with a stove is an indispensable thing to comfortably spend leisure time and the night. Who can use such equipment? Everyone. This is a useful thing in a long-distance expedition or hike. Our tents are easy to set up structures that are perfect to transport. For those who are new to camping, we will share a general idea: these shelters are designed in such a way that they have the ability to install a tent heater inside to heat the interior space.

This equipment have been very popular for many years. We offer an improved variants with an ultralight frame and a strong fabric that keeps you warm. They are completely safe in use with tent stoves and are adapted to high temperatures.

We are focused on the following aspects

  • Safe use. Tents with stove are equipped with a heat-resistant coating where they touch the stove. They are also equipped with special braces so the wall of the shelter does not touch the stove inside. This means that all possible weak points are minimized. All tents have ventilation valves and a safe exit. Stoves are equipped with a spark arrester, which will ensure the safety of the awning and your belongings from emission of sparks during operation. These stoves are suitable for heating space and for cooking food. Usually we recommend Intent stove made of strong but light steel AISI 430, steel thickness about 0.8 mm. It can be heated to comfortable temperatures and even higher, keeps you warm during the cold season.
  • Quality. Tents and tent stoves are offered only from experienced manufacturers who have been producing tourism goods for many years and select reliable materials. We are focused on the quality of goods, so it is important for us that the customer is satisfied with the order.
  • Interesting design. We offer variants in different colors and shapes to provide a wide selection. You can choose the model that suits you best. Fabric colors look great anywhere and keep the print vibrant.
  • Customer support. We provide advice when choosing a product and after purchasing it.

Stove tents are used by fishermen, hunters, tourists. The right equipment gives 90% of the comfort and makes any trip unforgettable