Portable stove

Light stoves

Before choosing a portable stove, you need to decide what functions are required from this device, in what conditions it will be used. These models are suitable for outdoor activities, cooking, heating a tent.

Choose the appropriate model, purchase the necessary accessories. The stove should fit dimensions of the heated structure in order to heat it up economically and quickly, and the chimney must provide reliable draft and guarantee the fire safety.


Portable stoves vary in size. Determine the size of the structure that needs to be heated and focus on this. Сhimney in portable stoves ensures stability of operation, convenience of kindling at any time of the year and in all weather conditions. Models are able to maintain a comfortable temperature. Portable stoves are made of light stainless steel. It is heat-resistant, not destroyed by high temperatures. The excellent properties of this steel are in great demand, that is why this alloy is one of the most used in the manufacture of furnaces. AISI steel is environmentally friendly, does not contain toxic substances.

The simple design of stoves does not require additional assembly tools. Furnace parts are easy to assemble and disassemble, which makes them compact and portable. In order to avoid cracks or deformation during use, all segments are tightly connected. The stoves are suitable for frequent use, they can be heated in the cold season in tents, in nature. For long-term use, do not forget to clean the chimney from soot. Portable stoves have additional functions - cooking, heating water for bathing procedures. Any firewood is suitable as fuel - it is the most environmentally friendly and widespread type of fuel that can be found everywhere.

Furnaces come with a special transport bag. Chimney segments are placed in the firebox.