Lightweight camping stove

Reduced weight

Lightweight stoves of different models are suitable for tents. In cold weather, they provide a comfortable temperature, protect from cold wind. Light wood heaters must meet two basic requirements: lightness and compactness. It is important, because the device should fold and unfold as quickly as possible, and also not take up much space among things. On this section, there are lightweight heaters of stainless steel.

These models are suitable for heating mobile structures, tents. These are efficient portable heaters that can work in various modes, consuming a minimum fuel and giving out maximum heat. Optimal design provides strength with minimum weight. These stoves are smaller in size and made of thinner steel, but they are as efficient at heating tent as other models. Stove installation will take 1-2 minutes. All product segments are portable and easy


Stoves are made of AISI stainless steel. The steel thickness varies from approximately 0.5 mm to 1.5 mm, depending on the thermal load of its elements. Weight ranges from 6.7 to 15 kg. Heating devices run on solid fuels: firewood, pressed wooden briquettes. Operating mode is set by consumer independently. 

Stoves can be used as an air-heating mobile device capable of heating temporary mobile shelters and saunas, as well as a hob for cooking. You can put sauna stones on the surface of the stove. Remember that the steel of these stoves is thinner so they support less stone weight. They are smaller than other models, so some of them are not suitable for the sauna mode. 

The main advantage of the products is the presence of a built-in spark arrestor, which makes it possible to completely protect the tent from the possibility of fire. A lightweight stove means a minimum of structural elements, due to which the device is very mobile.


Standard set of lightweight heater includes a stove, chimney segments, and a carrying case.