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The Altai stove has inbuild steam generating module.

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Stove With Steam Gerenator

The Altai stove has build in steam generator. You pour water inside steam-generating module through special opening on the top of the stove. Then happens two-stage steam generation procces wich creates super dry steam

10 minutes ready

After just 10 minutes after you kindeled fire - The Altai Stove is ready to produce steam. You need to pour water into chamber between walls and top of the convector.

Safe and Easy

Steam exits from special nozzle on the back of the stove. Steam blows into special convector - wich excludes any burn damage.

Lighter, But Has More Power

The Altai weights 14 kg \ 30 lbs but can easilly produce heat that will maintain 100 C (230F) inside steam room. Stove is made from stainless steel.


Weight 14 kg / 30 lbs
Size 61,5 x 28 x 47,5 cm / 24,2 x 11 x 18,7 inches

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