Mobile sauna

Sauna as a way to relax


Mobile sauna is a lightweight version of the stationary sauna. It is a place where people can experience a positive impact on their own health. In the case of regular visits, a person gets the effect. As soon as the working week ends, many go to steam room to recover, gain strength and energy. Sauna procedures strengthen our body, help to increase immunity. A person becomes resistant to various infectious diseases. A visit to the sauna is a unique pleasure, and if you need such a result from rest, then the mobile sauna is 100% your option.

In modern saunas, various services are provided: aroma procedures, biosauna, infrared cabin, salt room and others. But what if you can't go to a stationary steam room or build your own one? Mobile tent sauna is a good variant. You can take it anywhere! It is the perfect solution for home and travel. On this page you can find a wide selection of mobile sauna tents for purchase. Models with windows, vestibule, different colors and sizes.


Our product meets the following requirements:

  • Equipped with a ventilation system.
  • Environmental friendly. Fabrics do not emit toxic substances when heated.
  • Special place for the stove. Chimney hole, heat-resistant fabric to protect areas of potential contact of the stove with the tent.
  • Suitable for use in any weather due to the special material.

These tents are specially designed to make a mobile sauna. The awning material is made of a special synthetic Oxford fabric. Modern tent cover keeps warm longer and has water-repellent properties. In the place of the chimney, the fabric is able to withstand heating up to 932°F. Mobile tent saunas are equipped with a durable aluminum alloy frame, sealed valves, pockets for storing and drying things and other fittings. Frame and awning come with special storage covers.

With tents, we recommend portable stoves that can be used in sauna mode. They are made of AISI stainless steel and equipped with a spark arrestor. Stoves are suitable for use at temperatures from -40°F. They are capable of heating up to 212°F and more. Stoves can withstand the weight of sauna stones. It is possible to make a wet or dry heat. Stoves can be used to prepare food. Firewood as fuel.