Hunting tents

Hunting equipment

In the arsenal of a real hunter, you will find 3-5 tents for different seasons and transportation methods. A special hunting tent will allow you to survive even -31°F frost, spend the night in extreme conditions, organize a shelter from the heat. Camouflage versions will make it possible to stalk an animal for several days and stay unnoticed. More spacious options are suitable for long-term living.

This section includes the best all-weather shelters for hunting. You will not be afraid of cold weather, wind, rain, hot rays of the sun. These tents are suitable for hunting deer, ducks, other animals and birds. If you are hunting deer in the mountains or planning a vacation in the wild, then a tent is a 50% success.



When designing hunting tents, people's need for protection from unexpected weather plays a major role. Hunting tents are made from durable fabrics that are dense and breathable at the same time. Usually the awning is made of synthetic materials. Polyester and nylon are suitable. When choosing a tent, pay attention to the way the threads are woven.

Tafeta is especially popular weaving type, in which thick threads are woven into thin ones. Oxford fabric also has threads of various thicknesses. The thicker the thread, the denser the fabric. Density can range from 150 D to 1800 D. RipStop fabric is another way to increase the protective properties of the tent - it is a combined weave with a reinforced polyester or nylon thread. Hunting tents are treated with a special polyurethane impregnation.

An important function of the tent material is to prevent rain, snow or condensate. According to the standards, water resistance is measured in mm H2O. Polyurethane (PU) is used as an impregnation for waterproof awnings. It leaves the tent dry.

Hunting tents are purchased complete with stoves. It is preferable to buy the complete set. All tents are equipped with ventilation holes and fireproof coverings in the place of contact with the stove.

The catalog contains a large number of models and configurations of hunting shelters for every taste. We offer a variety of color options, from natural camouflage to blue-red. For hunters, it is recommended to purchase models invisible against the backdrop of nature. Preference is given to high constructions, which will comfortably accommodate the hunter and serve as a shelter for the whole day. In a hunting shelter, a separate place for a stove and a heat-resistant opening for a chimney is provided. The shelters are equipped with mosquito nets, do not freeze to the ground in cold weather and function with special tent stoves at any time of the year.

Hunting is popular in many countries.This is a type of hobby that helps you to relax and have a good time. At any time of the year, when it is allowed, hunting lovers try to escape at least for a day in nature in order to enjoy this "taste" of hunting. Off-roading and fatigue are nothing compared to what you might end up with. Each hunter tries to catch as large animal as possible and get a trophy. It doesn't matter what obstacles and dangers you need to go through. The right equipment will help you get as much pleasure as possible.