Chimney spark arrestor 90 mm for INTENT stove

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Chimney spark arrestor 90 mm for INTENT stove. Can be used with any stove from the range.

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Arresting sparks

Spark arrestor is an attachment to the chimney in the form of a perforated container that effectively extinguishes and catches sparks flying out of the chimney pipe. The welded end prevents precipitation from entering the chimney of the cooker.

For all stoves

The chimney is easy to assemble even without additional instructions, so it will take you a second. Just install the segments one by one. The additional segment can be stored in a bag along with the stove or inside the firebox.

*Make sure all segments are tightly connected to each other!

Reliable material

Like the stove, the chimney segment is made of AISI 430 stainless steel. The segment has corrosion resistance, does not deform at a temperature of 500°C and above. This steel is an excellent option for a chimney with intermittent operation.

Correct operation

In order for the stove to serve for a long time, regularly clean the chimney from soot. The type of fuel also affects the chimney durability. Use only wood or charcoal for heating. Do not use gas, flammable substances, coal, cardboard, paper. Please note that when the stove is fired up, the pipe may glow red. This is completely normal as the chimney gets hot. The segments are heated to 500°C and higher.


AISI 430 steel
Intent Fisher
90 mm

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