Stone holder for stove Intent Mini

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Increases the heat transfer of the stove by placing stones closer to the chimney.

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Increases stove efficiency

The accessory allows you to place an additional amount of stones around the hottest place - the chimney.The stones are placed compactly, absorbing maximum heat from the first chimney elbow and the stove surface.

* For use with INTENT MINI sauna stove
This accessory is suitable only for INTENT MINI stove. (Not for Intent stove).

Compact and simple

The stone holder consists of 4 stainless steel parts that can be easily assembled together. This inexpensive accessory will significantly increase the efficiency of your stove. Can be folded compactly into a special case.

** Attention. The presence of a protective film is possible
To protect the product from damage during transportation, there may be a film coating. It must be removed before use!


Weight 0.5 kg
Material stainless steel AIsi 430

The set includes:

  • Holder - 1;
  • Cover - 1;
  • Case for stove.

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