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Long-time burning wood stove for living in a tent.


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Long-burning stove for living in a tent

This stove is compact and versatile for campers - ideal for heating tents. Folding convectors and legs save space during transportation. All chimney segments are stored inside the stove.

This stove is designed to maintain a comfortable temperature in the tent for living. For a hot sauna, use intensive burning stoves.

Heating and cooking stove

INTENT Long can be used both for heating rooms and for cooking food - for this, the stove has a flat hob.

Portable convectors

This model has convectors at the front, back and bottom parts for efficient heat transfer. There are also two sliding convectors on the sides of the body.

Steel up to 0,5-0,8 mm thick

All significant places (chimney, firebox) are strengthened. It is a heat-resistant, durable material that heats up and cools quickly.


Material AISI 430
Dimensions 510 mm x 330 mm x 310 mm
Chimney diameter 80 mm
Depth of the firebox 400 mm
Firebox volume 17 l
Chimney segment length 320 mm
Long burning system built-in
Firewood wood and pressed briquettes as fuel
Weight 10.38 kg


  • Stove - 1 pc
  • Straight pipes - 7 pcs

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