Waterproof Floor for Morzh Max, Shelter

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Waterproof Light Floor for MORZH Max, Shelter. Made of tarpaulin.

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Made of dense tarpaulin

Tarpaulin is a light, but dense canvas, which is characterized by high performance properties. The material is made by interlacing polymer threads. The finished material is covered with polyethylene. Due to the double-sided coating, the fabric does not allow moisture to pass through and can be used to protect things from moisture. Due to its synthetic origin, tarpaulin fabric is not afraid of moisture, does not fade in the sun and does not rot.

Summer option

Tarpaulin flooring is a lightweight summer option that protects from insects and moisture, provides thermal insulation. It is securely attached to the walls of the tent with Velcro. At the corners, it is additionally fixed with buttons. Suitable for MORZH MAX tent, MORZH summer shelter.

When using the stove, always add a heat protection mat.


Material Tarpaulin
Size 300 x 230 cm
Weight 1 kg
Suitable for Morzh Max tent and Morzh summer shelter

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