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Tent sauna of 3 ply material with a large window (no stove)

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18 reviews for Camping sauna Morzh (Walrus)

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  • Excellent Bania With Best Customer Service
    By August 26, 2021 22:34

    When our two public saunas closed during the pandemic here in Chicago, I was with no heat for many months until finding your excellent company. Your tent, stove, and water boiler (a MUST for real bania lovers!) came in less than one week. I assembled all within twenty minutes and was surprised the heat was as good as what I am used to in our professional banias. When there was a minor issue with the tent eight months later, More quickly helped and within one week, I was in the sauna tent again with no problems. It is hard to find a company that will stand by their products like MOrzh does. Even though I live thousands of miles away from Ekterinburgh here in Chicago, your customer service is among the best. Thank you MOrzh for your excellent products, and equally important, your customer support. Going for months without heat is tough, but your products have impressed my Ukrainian, Turkish, and Russian friends, who have spent decades in banias and hammams since they were children. Best, Rick R

    • Meets expectations
      By Camping Tent Sauna May 19, 2021 14:33

      High quality, hot. Nothing more to add! description matches perfectly

      • Good sauna and service
        By May 19, 2021 14:28

        I wanted to start building sauna myself, but came across a tent through google search. I am satisfied with the service and the product itself

        • Really hot and good quality
          By May 19, 2021 14:24

          I recently received a tent, the quality was very surprising! Mesh pockets, loops - everything is provided

          • 5 stars
            By May 19, 2021 14:19

            Only positive impressions! The assembly took 10 minutes! After 20-30 minutes there was already 90-100C! Fast heating of the space, good heat transfer with a minimum of wood! A great option for backyard, fishing, camping

            • Love it
              By May 19, 2021 14:12

              The tent is 100% hot. Spent the night on the lake with a stove. Love it!

              • Awesome Sauna!
                By October 20, 2020 04:45

                Have had the tent and stove for 4 weeks and love it. Pretty much like the video reviews found online. Seems to be made to a very high quality standard. Have not camped in it but have set it up every weekend in my backyard. It gets hot as advertised. Heats up fast and easily hits 200 degrees +. I love this sauna. And I can’t wait to take it out and try it elsewhere as I love the portability and easy set up. Right now it’s my backyard escape here in Dublin Ohio. Highly recommended!

                • Exceeded all of my expectations
                  By June 30, 2020 18:57

                  Jason from Edmonton, Canada. I have been desperate to have a hot sauna since Covid closed my gym in March. It arrived 3 weeks after I ordered it. I could not have built one faster. It is as hot as any sauna I have ever been in. My BBQ thermometer measured 121 degree Celsius at the top of the tent when I had a full stove of wood burning. The rocks I placed on top got very hot and produced as much steam as we could take. The tent is very well made and was quick to put up and take down. It fits easily in its carrying bag and is very portable. It is big enough to easily fit a 2' x 5' flat bench on one side and narrower 3' flat bench on the other.

                  I am using it in my back yard right now, but definitely take it camping and when I visit relatives who don't have a sauna - that is pretty much every relative as few people in Canada have saunas in/at their homes.

                  I am so glad I found this option. Very very happy customer.

                  • highly recommend
                    By May 19, 2020 15:53

                    Without a stove, this is an ordinary camping tent. But if you put the stove - then it is a real sauna. I haven’t seen anything like it before! The tent has met the expectations

                    • Recommend
                      By May 19, 2020 08:23

                      Comfortable, enough space. Very Comfortable, enough space. Quickly to assemble. Pleasantly surprised by the quality. Truly a sauna! Another plus - the tent comes with pegs for installation. I recommend, it's worth it!

                      • A Real Sauna and a Great Price
                        By March 8, 2020 22:58

                        This is a great product. 1) This sauna's value outweighs the price. You cannot build, get a kit or add a four person sauna to your home for less than the price of this product. 2) the sauna has a wood fired stove so the smell of burning wood crackling and the ability to add rocks on top of the stove thus pouring water to make steam makes it a "real" experience. 3) This sauna is portable enough to go anywhere but also allows renters or condo owners the ability to have a sauna and take their investment with them if they relocate. Or for any owner to bring it camping, to a party or to a friend's house. I studied these sauna tents a lot before I purchased and this 3 layer tent with the Intent stove has exceeded my expectations. Now nothing in life is all roses and sunshine. The bench offered is taller and if you use it your legs will dangle unless you are very tall. The point is taking advantage of the fact that heat rises. That said there are small step stools that could be inexpensively purchased to rest your feet. I've taken 4 saunas now with this tent. I have been using an outdoor automan to sit on. I have the heat up to 168 degrees F at the level I'm sitting and it was slightly uncomfortable it was so hot. Going up a foot or foot in a half is probably only for those that have built up a tolerance. My point here is that it would be nice to have two portable benches 48" x 24" with 17" seat height. Also, taking sauna during the day or night it might be nice to have a skylight. Maybe that's a future model. Overall, I found it easy working with the team at They are in Russia and I'm in the panhandle of Nebraska. I chose expedited shipping and I received my product exactly 3 weeks from ordering. No issues though customs and everything was packaged very professionally and intact upon arrival. I Dave December recommend this product and feel free to reach out to me if you have questions. I'm on Facebook and LinkedIn.

                        • 5 stars
                          By February 11, 2020 10:58

                          Great tent, spacious, withstood three-day showers, easy to assemble. I thing its suitable for any occasion. You can buy as a gift for the summer or something else. Ideal for hiking. Thanks

                          • *****
                            By February 11, 2020 10:47

                            Bought for a family trip. For that kind of money, I'm basically happy. We tried it in the woods, everything is good. A comfortable and roomy tent.

                            • Good
                              By February 11, 2020 10:34

                              Quite a good tent and worth the money.
                              But I doubted whether to buy it. It seemed that it takes up a lot of space. But everything is fine, the tent is very compact, there are no problems with it. Simple and convenient, without anything extra. Heats up great! My whole family enjoyed it. Thank you.

                              • Hi
                                By February 10, 2020 10:20

                                Aye this tent is fantastic thanks

                                • worth it!
                                  By February 10, 2020 10:01

                                  bought it two months ago and tried several times. heated to 80 degrees, then to 100 degrees, everything works. easy to transport, thank you!!

                                  • Great
                                    By February 10, 2020 09:42

                                    Its realy cool tent! Very hot and comfortable

                                    • Hottest tent sauna!
                                      By Camping Tent Sauna July 21, 2018 14:58

                                      Hottest tent sauna!