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Universal sauna stove for camping or steam bath. Portable and safe.

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Universal Wood Stove fot Tent Sauna

The Sauna stove can be used is the best choice for tent sauna, because of the special borders wich will help with the stones. You can fit 10-20 kg\22-44 lbs of sauna stone on the top.

Chimney Segments are in the Kit

Stove comes with 7 chimney segments each one is 30 cm\11,9 inc. long. You can store pipes and legs inside the stove.

Build in Spark-arrester

Spark arrester increases the fuel combustion (to 6 hrs) and provides safety - sparks won't fall down on a tent's roof.

Removable Stove Door

Removable door prevents breaking of door loops and metal deformation - otherwise there will be uncontrolable air leaks.





11,5 kg / 25 lbs

Size, W, L, H:

28 х 70 х 41,5 cm / 11 x 27,5 x 16,3 inches

Chimney lenght(mm) x 7:

210 cm / 82,6 inches

Stove Height with chimney (mm):

251,5 cm / 94,8 inches

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