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Warm Floor for MORZH Tents

For extra warmth when living in a tent
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  • Special For MORZH Tents

    This floor is specially designed for MORZH and MORZH Light tent and fits it perfectly.

    Does Not Freeze

    The floor material does not freeze on the ground. That makes it very good for use in cold weather.

    Does Not Absorb Water

    Isolon is one of the most efficient thermal insulators today. Due to the closed cell structure, the isolon absorbs almost no water. It has good oil and gasoline resistance.

    Oxford 600D

    Fabric is made of synthetic fibers (nylon or polyester), additionally treated with polyurethane impregnation (PU or PVC), resistant to abrasion, extreme temperatures, waterproof and elastic. Polyurethane coating provides water resistance of the fabric and prevents the accumulation of dirt between the fibers.

    Compact And Mobile

    This floor is portable and doesn't take much space. It weights 2 kg so it can be easily transported.


    Size 205 x 205 cm / 80 x 80 inches
    Weight 4 kg / 8,8 lbs
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    5 отзывов к товару Warm Floor for MORZH Tents
    • M
      • 19 мая 2020 13:34

      A wonderful addition to the tent which warms you

    • O
      • 19 мая 2020 13:31

      I ordered a floor for the MORZH tent. What I want to say is that the floor protects you from the cold well when you live in a tent. But for a sauna it is not needed. I use MORZH tent both as a sauna and just as a warm tent so such a purchase is useful to me

    • P
      • 19 мая 2020 13:26
      Like it

      Quality tent floor! Covers all the surface inside the tent and firmly fixed. The tent gets warmer in cold weather

    • P
      • 19 мая 2020 13:20

      If you like outdoor rest and fishing - and the floor will make the tent even warmer and more comfortable for trips. I can’t say anything bad about this kit. Really fulfills its function.

    • S
      • 10 февраля 2020 10:12

      Fits good. It’s better to order with tent right away, so you don’t have to wait

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Warm Floor for MORZH Tents
79 USD
160 USD