For extra warmth when living in a tent. Suitable for MORZH models
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  • For the tent insulation

    Cold does not mean at all that you need to forget your tent until next season. Morzh can be used even in sub-zero temperatures down to -40 ° C with wind and snow. If you want to use your tent all year round, then you should think about such a question as the tent insulation.

    Warm floor is a useful accessory that prevents the cold from getting inside the tent. Suitable for Morzh, Morzh 2 windows, Morzh Sky, Morzh Light models.

    Transformer floor

    Consists of 3 parts, which are connected with Velcro tape. If desired, part of the floor can be unfastened to put the stove, drill a hole during winter fishing, etc. This design allows you to use the floor during winter camping, hunting, fishing, as a mobile sauna.

    • It is securely attached to the walls of the tent with Velcro.
    • At the corners, it is additionally fixed with buttons.

    The edges of the floor are folded into the inside of the tent, which protects against moisture, snow, cold wind.

    Never place the stove on a warm floor. Unfasten the part of the floor to install the stove.

    Oxford 600D

    The warm floor is made of 600D Oxford fabric with PU impregnation. The fabric consists of fully synthetic fibers (nylon or polyester), resistant to abrasion, extreme temperatures, waterproof and elastic. The polyurethane coating makes the fabric water repellent and prevents dirt from accumulating between the fibers.

    The floor material does not freeze on the ground, making it suitable for use in cold weather.

    Internal insulation

    Special insulation - expanded polypropylene, which hides ground irregularities and is not afraid of moisture due to its porous structure. Warm floor with insulation is wear-resistant, retains its strength even with repeated bending. Withstands high and low temperatures well. You can comfortably sit on the floor, because it lays down well on the ground.


    Oxford 600 with PU
    Number of segments
    205 x 205 cm
    12 mm
    4 kg

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92 USD