Water tank INTENT 10

Water tank INTENT 10

Water tank with a tap for heating water. 10.5 liters.
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Артикул: УТУТ0117124
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105 USD
  • Versatility

    The tank is universal, it is used both for heating water and for organizing sauna procedures. For continuous water heating, it can be installed between chimney segments where it boils water in less than 20 minutes. If you do not need hot water all the time, you can put the tank on top of the stove. The bottom of the tank is flat. You can warm and transfer water to the desired location. This is a very convenient way to store and use water. Also, with the help of a tank, you can create wet steam in a mobile sauna by splashing water on sauna stones.

    For Intent and Intent Mini

    Suitable for stoves with a flue diameter of 90 mm, such as Intent and Intent Mini. It is firmly installed between the segments of the chimney pipe and heats up quickly from the stove.

    Tank volume - 10.5 litres

    This is the optimal volume for sauna procedures or for household needs. Due to its special shape, the tank has compact dimensions. For convenient transportation, there is a special folding handle which is made of stainless steel rod with 4 mm diameter. The set also comes with a case for storage and transportation.

    Reliable material

    The tank is made of AISI 430 stainless steel. This material lends itself well to machining and is corrosion resistant. Thanks to laser-welded seams, the tank is airtight and can be used as a container for transporting any liquid on the way to rest.

    To install the tank, follow these steps
    1. Install a tap on the tank.
    2. Put the adapter into the first pipe segment.
    3. Install the tank on the adapter.
    3. Connect the rest of the chimney segments.


    Width 218 mm
    Height 274 mm
    Depth 218 mm
    Volume 10,5 litres
    Weight 2,8 kg
    Pipe diameter 90 mm
    Compatible with models of camping, tourist stoves from other manufacturers

    The set includes:

    Water tank 1 pc
    Case 1 pc
    ½ inch tap with silicone gaskets 1 pc
    Adapter 1 pc
    Plastic water filler cap 1 pc
    Plug 1 pc

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Water tank INTENT 10
105 USD